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October 12, 2021 8 Things We’re Wearing Right Now

When you love fashion, fall brings new excitement. Add the magic of resale, and it’s even better! Today we share the 8 things we’re wearing right now. After you check them out, take a look at our seasonal selling guide to see even more fall trends we love.

1. Jumpsuits

One piece, one zip, and your outfit is complete. We’re seriously considering a closet full of these!

photo of person in jumpsuit

2. Band T-Shirts

Cropped, oversized, over long-sleeve tees, or worn with pants or skirts, band t-shirts can do no wrong.

photo of people in band t-shirts

3. Fringe

Fringe is one of the 30 trends in our fall selling guide for good reason: it rocks!

photo of person in fringe leather jacket

4. Vests

That perfect little piece to transition us into cooler weather, without the bulky pieces headed our way for winter.

photo of person in shearling vest

5. Utility Pants

Utility pants are quickly replacing our go-to denim. They’re just as comfortable, but stand out from the crowd.

photo of person in utility pants

6. Chunky Jewelry

We’re talking coin shapes and heavy links. LOVE.

photo of person wearing Chanel earrings

7. Tall Boots

Classic fall, no doubt. There’s still a little time left to wear them with short dresses, and we’re not taking that for granted.

photo of person wearing tall boots

8. Crochet

We loved crochet pieces all summer and are not giving them up yet. Under denim jackets, we can extend their wearability for a few more weeks.

photo of person in crochet top

Let us know what you’re wearing right now. Tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading and we may feature you on our feed!


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