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January 11, 2024 Inspired by 90s Purses

90s purses have passed through the hands of many of us here at Crossroads, either during the actual decade or as a fun vintage find.

Many handbag designers continue to re-create the most popular designs, making it easy to replicate 90s style with new pieces.

Here are a few of our favorite styles of 90s purses. We couldn’t narrow it down to just one (or even three).


It’s the bag that only fits your flip phone, your lip gloss, and your wallet. But that’s OK because its so darn light and sleek.

baguette style bag, an example of popular 90's purses

Drawstring Bucket Bag

This one is perfect for carrying around all your 90s secrets.

A black drawstring bucket bag, an example of popular 90's purses

Logo Bag

The logo bag is brazen, and that’s exactly what it’s going for.

Coach logo bag, an example of popular 90's purses

Classic Shoulder Bag

We like this one best in a pebbled leather. Extra credit points for an adjustable strap that gives you multiple options.

Red leather shoulder bag, an example of popular 90's purses

Suede Handbag

When the 90s made a nod to the 70s.

brown suede handbag in a classic shoulder bag style

Jelly Bag

A jelly bag is never practical, but it’s always cute. Bubble gum pink is our favorite choice.

pink jelly bag

Backpack Style

The bag that will take you from morning to night, because you have big, big plans for the day.

black leather backpack

If you have pre-loved handbags in similar styles, bring them into Crossroads stores any day, any time to sell. No appointment is necessary, and you can view our current selling guide to see other styles and trends we’re looking for now.


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