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May 10, 2022 Q & A with Sarah of @areasontogetdressed

I discovered Sarah from @areasontogetdressed when searching for fashion inspiration on Instagram for our weekly blog posts. I immediately noticed she has a strong sense of style and knows how to mix pieces in a way that creates a signature style. I’m so lucky she was available to answer a few fashion questions!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a radio journalist by day and a bit of a fashion enthusiast on the side. I live in Sacramento with my husband and our cat and dog. My day job has required me to move around quite a bit, so I’ve also lived on the East Coast and Gulf Coast in the past 10 years. We’re very good at cross-country moves at this point!

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It looks like you have so much fun dressing up. Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I even remember way back when I was like 4 or 5 and having very firm opinions on what dresses I preferred and for what reasons. Ha! Needless to say, I’ve always had a strong internal sense of fashion and love following that wherever it takes me!

I think my fashion inspiration is a combination of some internal preferences: some items just feel really “me” and always have. So it’s collars and lace, for example, and florals. I’ve always had a bit of a granny-chic aesthetic, I think.

And I think the other part of my inspiration comes from street style. I loved Nylon Magazine growing up, and all the cool photos of girls on the streets. I love figuring out the fashion of a city, and I really love seeing how different people can make a look their own. Some cities are a delight for people-watching and getting inspired! Since COVID, though, I feel like street style is a little different. Especially during the lockdown two years ago, I found myself looking to Instagram as the “virtual” street, which is how I decided to start my own style page.

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Speaking of cities, you’re in one of our favorites: Sacramento! What does Sacramento style look like these days?

Amazing, yes!!! It always makes me happy to hear Sacramento getting some love. It’s an amazing and chill city, and I feel so lucky to be able to live here. I think Sacramento style tends to reflect both the Central Valley heat that hits from June through September, and the fact that it’s the closest major city to Tahoe.

Most people here, I think, are laid back and outdoorsy. The city is a little slower and less intense than the Bay Area about an hour away, and I think that’s reflected in the way people dress. I see a lot of people just wearing what they want, clothing that could take you from the city to a hike, whether it’s cargo shorts or floral dresses.

You’ll definitely see a lot more sneakers than heels on people though. I’d say the vibe is casual with layers, so you can shed them when it starts to heat up during those late afternoon summer days. I lived in Massachusetts for a few years, and the one clothing item I used to wear there constantly — but never here — is rainboots! You gotta dress for the dry heat over here.

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When and how did you start shopping for secondhand fashion? 
Oh my gosh, I think my love of secondhand shopping started sometime in early high school. My mom has a pretty extensive closet filled with these amazing ’80s wool sweaters, and it was around that time she passed a few items down to me. I was like, wait, clothing that ISN’T new is awesome, and I loved that no one else who I went to school with was able to wear exactly what I was wearing. I grew up in the suburbs of New York City and I remember BEGGING my parents to let me visit Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn wayyy back in the day!
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Thank you for being a Crossroads shopper! What is your best tip for shopping in our stores?

So because I’m one of those folks who’ve bounced around on all coasts, Crossroads has been an absolute shopping staple for me because there’s always been a location wherever I’ve lived! I’d say the best tip is to go in with some clothing items you have in mind. I often have a list of “dream” items that I’d like to buy or think would be a nice addition to my closet but haven’t purchased new for a bunch of reasons.  Thrifting is often the best (and most sustainable) way to fill those closet gaps.

But also, I’d say go in open to finding something you weren’t even hunting for, and listen to your heart. That’s the joy in shopping secondhand: there’s always a bit of a surprise involved!

photo of Sarah
A big THANK YOU to Sarah for sharing her secondhand fashion story with us. See more of her style on Instagram @areasontogetdressed.

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