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March 26, 2023 The Best Place to Sell Clothes

The best place to sell clothes is the place with the most options and the most convenience. This is exactly where Crossroads comes in.

With 4 ways to sell, you have choices! And the payout structure is simple: get 30% in cash or 50% in trade value of whatever Crossroads prices your clothing for.

1. In-Store

Crossroads has store locations across the U.S. where well-trained fashion buyers buy in clothes from the public all day, every day. No appointment is necessary, and you can even use the Crossroads waitlist app to add your name to the store waitlist while you’re headed there.

buyer giving cash for clothes at a Crossroads selling counter

2. Drop-Off

Some Crossroads stores offer a drop-off option, where you leave your clothes with a buyer and return 24-48 hours later to receive your payout. Find your nearest store location to see if it’s offered in your area.

3. Consignment

Are you looking to sell higher-end labels or designer items? Crossroads offers consignment for these types of pieces. You’ll have to wait for the item to sell to get your payout, but the wait means a higher cash payout rate (50-70%!).

4. Sell by Mail

If you aren’t near a Crossroads store, or just don’t have time to visit one, then Sell by Mail is the option for you. Order a free shipping bag, fill it up, and send it back with its pre-paid shipping label. You can even choose to donate any unpurchased items, or have them returned for a fee. Talk about flexibility.

photo of sell by mail bag

With a doubt, this is why Crossroads is the best place to sell clothes!