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January 21, 2021 Quick Steps to Authenticate a Coach Bag

I’ve learned so much from our store buyers about their quick steps to authenticate a Coach bag. Since they buy from the public every day, they’ve learned how to authenticate and price a wide array of popular designer bags over the counter.

They look to detailed internet guides like this one for general staff training and on-the-spot referencing. Our buyers are also avid shoppers, so whenever possible they take the opportunity to touch and study designer bags in department stores and boutiques. They also regularly pass around ones brought into our stores from senior buyers so they can examine signature details. In the case of a Coach bag, they focus on the following three things.

1. Quality is King

Leather bags feel buttery to the touch, have heavy hardware and hold a shape when empty. The first step you’ll often see a buyer take is to just sit a bag on the counter to see how it rests. They then run their hand along the outside of the bag, lift the straps for weight, and check the zippers and hardware for quality and ease of use.

2. Labels are Perfect

A dead giveaway to any fake bag is an error in the designer’s label. In the case of Coach, the label may vary from a current bag to a vintage one, so our buyers learn to identify and confirm what an authentic label will look like.

3. Monograms are Correct

Many Coach bags carry its signature monogram, and any variation on it makes a bag suspect. The easiest way to confirm the monogram is to search the internet for a similar bag, including as much detail as possible and referring only to photos from credible department stores and boutiques, or the label’s own website. Some monograms are more limited in distribution, so don’t be scared off by a new monogram you come across. Just search it online in hopes you’ve discovered something rare!

Here are some photos to help. Scroll down to see just some of the Coach bags that our buyers recently authenticated and brought into our stores.

Black Coach Bag

White Coach Bag

Photo of Tan Coach Messenger Bag

Photo of Woman with Tan Coach Backpack

Photo of black messenger Coach bag

Photo of small coach purse

Photo of floral print Coach purse


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January 19, 2021 The Gilet: A Fashion Secret for Winter Warmth

I’m a California girl newly introduced to the chilly winters of Strasbourg, France, and I didn’t realize I’d need a gilet for winter. In fact, I didn’t really know what a gilet was until I started following cold-weather style and learned a gilet is the fashion secret for winter warmth.

They are outerwear vests that come in different lengths, textures and styles, but all provide warmth without being bulky. Some are even designed as thin fitting vests that magically provide lots of heat because of their down-feather insulation. The best part is they allow you to show off more layers of your outfit.

Scroll down to see the variety of gilets inspiring me and notice how they work with everything from suits to sweats. I feel warmer just looking at them.

Then let us know: if you live in a cold climate too, do you wear a gilet in winter? We want to see! Share how you style yours on Instagram with @crossroadstrading for a chance to be featured on our feed.

Woman in black gilet

Man in gold gilet

Woman in yellow gilet

Woman in faux fur gilet

Furry gilet

Man in tan gilet

Woman in sweats and gilet puffer

Woman in gilet

Woman in gilet

Woman in gilet



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January 14, 2021 70’s Inspired Fashion in 9 Pieces

There’s no doubt that 70’s inspired fashion is back, and today we’re sharing 9 pieces from our store racks that capture the look. Each one highlights a major 70’s trend. How many of these do you have in your closet?

1. Mini

Mini dresses and skirts are a classic pick from this decade, especially with ankle boots added. Layer with tights, a long-sleeved shirt and beanie to make it winter-proof.

mini dress with turtleneck

2. Earth Tones

Colors alone can capture this trend. Look for brown, rust, orange and moss green.

Polka dot dress

3. Celestial

Prints that feature the stars, moon and sun hint at the decade. We like how this outfit is layered with a zodiac pendant.

Celestial Print Dress

4. Bright Floral

We mean really bright, with really big florals. Could these boots be any more perfect?

Floral Print Boots

5. Skater

You don’t even need a skateboard in hand to pull this look off. Just think about That 70’s Show and ask yourself: “What would Kelso wear?”

Ripped jeans with t-shirt and sneakers

6. Corduroy

It was everywhere, and it’s back. Here’s a modern Madewell take on it that we want in our closet.

Rust Colored Corduroy Jacket

7. Bold Print

Wear a bold print with a neutral, or go all in and add a second bold print. This outfit goes one step further with a gold-buckle weave belt.

8. Throwback

When shopping, look for throwback brands, bands and fonts.

Vintage Sweatshirts

9. Faux Fur

A big faux fur coat or jacket will blend the 70’s trend with your winter need to stay warm. We’re partial to faux rabbit-fur for a 70’s nod.

Faux Fur Jacket

Are you currently inspired by 70’s fashion? If so, stop in and shop our store racks to find even more.


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January 12, 2021 The 5 Best Thrift Store Finds

We’ve been secondhand shopping for as long as we can remember and can easily name what we consider the best thrift store finds. Since we’re in the fashion business, they’re all clothing related of course. The following are the 5 items we jump for joy for when we see them, whether it’s across our store selling counter when we’re buying or on the sales floor when we’re shopping.

Photo of a tan coat

Outwear can be an expensive investment, whether a coat, jacket or blazer. With the same budget for a basic mall brand piece, you can upgrade to a designer or higher-quality one when you buy secondhand.

blue cashmere sweater

Speaking of higher-quality pieces, we always keep an eye out for premium textiles like cashmere that can cost a small fortune when new. Trust us: a collection of cashmere pieces is definitely within reach with a thrift store budget.

vintage purple sweater

We know you have a unique style all your own and can spot a one-of-a-kind vintage piece from a mile away. We’re the same! We look for pieces that have aged just right, whether in a classic cut, retro silhouette or quirky fit.

denim jacket

Oh denim, you are our daily go-to. Nothing beats finding a denim jacket or pair of jeans in that label you’ve been hesitant to splurge on. You just found it secondhand, so now’s the time to snag that deal!

yellow handbag

Sure, we have more handbags than there are days in the week, but when you come across one in a great shape, in quality leather or in the current trend, you can’t help but pick it up. At thrift and resale store prices, you know you won’t regret it.

What have been your best thrift store finds? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram: @crossroadstrading.


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January 7, 2021 8 Puffer Coats for All Styles

Are there really are 8 different puffer coats that work for all styles? Trust us, there are at least 8. As we enter the coldest months of the year, we’ve picked a few to inspire you to find the one that best matches your need for warmth and your personal style.


This is the equivalent of wearing your bed comforter outside, and we’re behind it 100%.


The shape of a puffer coat is already eye-catching, so take it one step further and find a futuristic style.

futuristic puffer coat


All boxes get checked here: a detachable hood, shearling lining and big pockets to hold your gloves and beanie.

Classic puffer coat


This puffer jacket hits just above the waist, but loses none of its warmth. Extra credit points awarded for the sunny orange color.

cropped puffer coat


Because you need some sparkle and shine in winter!

metallic puffer coat


We’re drawn to the big sleeves and loose shape. The blanket scarf keeps it from looking sloppy.

oversized puffer coat

Winter White

This choice is for the very brave. Choose a puffer in an unexpected light color like cream.

winter white puffer coat


We’re sold on the versatility of this vest. It can be worn over a sweater, blazer or fitted jacket.

puffer coats for all styles

How did we do covering 8 puffer coats for all styles? Let us know what we missed by tagging us on Instagram with your pick: @crossroadstrading.


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