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June 24, 2021 Secondhand Designer Handbags We Think You’ll Love

Consider it a commitment we take seriously: we carry secondhand designer handbags we think you’ll love.

Why? Because sustainable fashion customers like you tend to value quality investment pieces that will last for years, or decades. A designer handbag is one of those fashion items you’ll get lots of mileage from. You may even hand it down one day!

You can always keep an eye on the latest designer handbags in our stores by following our regional Instagram accounts, but I know you always like a good round-up of some of them featured across our stores. I’ve selected only a few to show you below.

Remember that you can trust our in-store buyers to carefully assess designer pieces for authenticity. In fact, we even wrote a few authentication guides you can reference for labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

Handbags & Shoulder Bags

photo of Gucci handbag

Gucci Broadway Pearly Bee Embellished Bag, $1895, Sacramento Store

photo of Louis Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton, $895, Roseville Store

photo of Louis Vuitton handbag and wallet

Louis Vuitton: Alma, $650; Vintage Wallet, $275, Irvine Store

photo of Vivienne Westwood bag

Vivienne Westwood, $120, Fillmore St., San Francisco Store

photo of Gucci handbag

Quilted Gucci Handbag, $175, Sacramento Store

Photo of Prada Tote

Prada Plaid Nylon Bag, $750, Blossom Hill, San Jose Store

Fanny Packs & Crossbody Bags

photo of Supreme fanny pack

Supreme, $37.50, Fillmore St., San Francisco Store

photo of Fenty x Puma bag

Fenty x Puma Crossbody, $145, Dallas Store

photo of Dior Crossbody

Dior Crossbody, $850, Irvine Store


If you’re looking for a designer handbag, tote, or crossbody, visit any of our store locations and take a peek behind the counter to see what we have for you. Some stores even carry so much designer merchandise you’ll find special glass cases of them! We buy designer pieces in our stores too. You can learn about consigning with us here.




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June 22, 2021 It’s Raining Bucket Hats This Summer

Okay, maybe it’s not raining so much on these long, hot days, but it’s definitely raining bucket hats this summer. And you know how much we love summer hats. See here for some past evidence.

There’s nothing but pros when you consider a bucket hat, and we have the proof. It’s super portable (and recovers quickly from being crushed in your tote bag with a frisbee and watermelon), it keeps the sun off your face like your mother taught you, and it’s usually made of lightweight cotton, the ideal summer fabric. There’s also the versatility to wear it with a diverse range of clothing, from swimwear to dresses to shorts.

For some bucket hat inspiration of your own, keep scrolling and see how people all over the world are wearing them these days. We think we’ll have you convinced.

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

photo of man wearing bucket hat

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

photo of woman wearing bucket hat

It’s raining bucket hats this summer and we’re sold. We plan to pick them up in a number of different colors to match all our summer looks. Are you on board too? If so, we want to see! Share your bucket hat looks on Instagram and tag us @crossroadstrading. You may find yourself featured on our brand feed this summer.


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June 17, 2021 Celebrate Pride with Us

When it’s June (or July or December or March), you know you can always celebrate Pride with us at Crossroads Trading. As Pride events fill up calendars, we’ve taken time to prep and deliver the looks you may be looking for. In our stores, you’ll find dedicated Pride racks (look for the most colorful rack in the store!). On social media, you’ll see us styling outfits we think you’ll love.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, our Portland and Seattle stores are hosting special Pride events with treats, special event racks, and a $50 gift card raffle. Get the details here.  The team even put together a little fashion reel to show you what they’re planning to wear!

Scroll down to see our 2021 commemorative t-shirt and just a sprinkling of some of the looks we’ve put together for you. Then, stop in and ask us to get you ready for your local Pride event. We’re happy to help!

photo of team in Pride t-shirts

photo of Pride t-shirt

photo of Pride outfit

Photo of rainbow handbag

photo of staff in Pride t-shirts

photo of bright outfit

photo of a rainbow assortment of shirts

photo of shoes in rainbow colorsphoto of equality tote bag

Come celebrate Pride with us at Crossroads! Every day, all year round. We can’t wait to see you.


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June 15, 2021 Prepare to Sell Your Clothes in 5 Easy Steps

You’d like to earn cash or store credit by selling your gently-used clothes, so this is the instructional guide you’ve been searching for. We tell you how to prepare to sell your clothes in 5 easy steps.

1. Check our Online Selling Guide

Start by learning what Crossroads is currently looking to buy in stores or through our Sell By Mail program. You can always find an updated selling guide on our website, featuring all of the latest trends we love.

photo of woman looking at laptop

2. Sort Clothes

Now it’s time to clean out your closet and drawers! Review each piece of clothing and determine if it’s best for selling or donating. For example, clothes you’ve purchased in the last 2 years have a better chance of selling. Donate older clothing, unless it’s an ’80s or ’90s piece that’s considered vintage.

photo of woman sorting clothes

3. Examine the Little Details

For each piece of clothing you’ve decided to sell, check that all buttons are affixed and that all zippers work properly. Then, double-check for stains.

photo of coats hanging in closet

4. Confirm They’re Freshly Laundered

Resale shops only buy laundered clothing, so if the item has been hanging so long in your closet you can’t remember if it’s clean, don’t take a chance and just wash it! Freshly laundered clothing will be noticed by buyers and give you better odds of selling your clothes.

photo of woman with laundry basket

5. Don’t Forget Accessories

Crossroads buys clothing accessories too, so look for gently-used shoes, handbags, belts, and scarves to add to your selling bag.

photo of a basket of sneakers

That’s it! You’ve done everything to prepare to sell your clothes in 5 easy steps and are now ready to visit a Crossroads store or sell to Crossroads by mail.

BONUS STEP: Enjoy Your Clean Closet and Extra Cash

Step back and admire your clean closet, organized with your favorites pieces and perhaps a few new finds you bought with the cash or store credit your earned at Crossroads. Enjoy!

photo of clothing closet interior



June 10, 2021 Style Inspiration from Our Staff

Our store staff shares a common quality: a passion for fashion. They love to shop, discover new labels, style outfit looks, and buy clothing for our stores that will excite our customers when they browse our racks. For this reason, getting style inspiration from our staff is as easy as visiting our stores or scrolling through our regional Instagram feeds.

I’ve gathered some of their recent looks below, and I think there is so much style variety to showcase. Like our customers, our staff takes advantage of the thrill of the hunt you can only find in secondhand fashion stores. You never know what you’ll find on our racks on any given day, and the result of shopping this way means your OOTD is usually unique to you.

Just take a look at the photos below. You’ll find looks that capture everything from upgraded casual to monochromatic to expert layering to playful.

photo of man in black tee and trousers

photo of woman in purple pants and green jacket

photo of woman in overalls

photo of staff in all black outfit

photo of staff in checkered shirt with jeans

photo of man in tee and pajama pants

photo of staff in multicolored top and jean shorts

photo of staff in crochet top and pants

photo of woman in London look


photo of staff in graphic t-shirts

photo of staff in multicolored top and trousers

You’ll find even more style inspiration from our staff on our regional Instagram and main Instagram feeds. Or stop into our stores to see them in person. Feel free to ask for styling advice and trend tips!


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