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December 16, 2021 Gift Yourself This Holiday

You have our full permission to gift yourself this holiday season, especially since this year was a little is-it-over-i-think-so-i-don’t-know-oh-no.

We know the act of gifting yourself can mean different things to different people. Maybe it looks like a day off work where you spend the afternoon baking cookies and blaring holiday music. Maybe it’s getting a manicure for your holiday gathering while listening to your favorite podcast. And if you’re a fashion aficionado like us over here, it may mean adding a new accessory to your wardrobe for the New Year.

Since all our wallets tend to be a little lighter this time of year, secondhand fashion pieces make a great option. In our stores, there’s even the option to sell your gently used clothes for store credit and gift yourself without spending a dime!

You know you can count on us to give you some gift ideas too. Our Northern California stores are sharing their wishlists over on their Instagram feed. Keep scrolling to see some of their current picks from the sales floor. Which would you choose?

photo of leather handbags

photo of coach sneakers

photo of Gucci booties

photo of hermes scarf

photo of Gucci heels

photo of peach handbag

photo of designer backpack

photo of sneakers

photo of vintage Fendi bags

However you choose to gift yourself this holiday, we hope you can take time to rest and reflect on how much you managed this year. Here’s wishing you a happy holiday season!


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December 14, 2021 Don’t Overlook the Holiday Suit

The holiday suit always stands out at an office gathering or holiday party because it’s unexpected and sophisticated. It’s even more special in a rich winter tone like plum, red, or green, or in a luxury fabric like silk or velvet. And what about a plaid print?

It doesn’t have to be formal either. We’ve already sung the praises of casual suiting, and any suit can be styled in a relaxed manner with a tank top, camisole, or t-shirt worn underneath. However, if formal is more your style, then there’s plenty of room for bow and silk blouses too!

We have lots of evidence to show you how cool the holiday suit is, and why it’s a mistake to overlook it when planning your holiday wardrobe. And if it just isn’t your style, that’s OK too. We have lovely holiday dresses for you to consider over here.

Keep scrolling for inspiration.

photo of person in plaid suit

photo of person in plum suit

photo of person in red suit

photo of person in black suit

photo of person in green velvet

photo of person in pink outfit

photo of person in velvet outfit

photo of person in velvet suit

Whether or not the holiday suit meets your personal style, we know we have something on our store racks that will meet your needs. Visit any of our store locations or follow us on Instagram to see what’s hitting the sales floor this week.


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December 9, 2021 The Best Outfits for Holiday Travel

Yeah, we know: it’s hard to get excited about long flights and car drives when traveling for the holidays. However, we’ve always made it a little more fun by styling our travel looks. They don’t have to be complicated! In fact, comfort is part of the equation, and the goal is to look pulled together. We’ll show you: take a look at what we think are the best outfits for holiday travel.

1. Monochromatic

Keep the color palette one note for a pretty monochrome look.

photo of person in cream colored outfit

2. Mixed with Luxe Accessories

Pair the practical jeans and wool wrap with a beautiful bag or shoes.

photo of person waiting at airport in designer high heels

3. Basics with a Duvet Coat

Start with a simple base like leggings and a t-shirt, and then wrap it all up with a cozy duvet coat or vest.

photo of person in a duvet vest

4. Statement Sweater

A sweater is warm and easy for travel, but one with a bold print takes it to the next level. Plus, no one will lose you at the airport when you stand out like this.

photo of person in bold print sweater

5. Functional

Be sleek and stylish with denim favorites, lots of pockets, and a waist bag. Add a watch and sunglasses, and you’re ready to start exploring the moment you land.

photo of person with a backpack and fanny pack

6. Sweatsuit

Don’t diss the sweatsuit. It’s warm and comfy, especially on long, overnight flights. Add a delicate necklace or great bag to balance the more casual look.

photo of person in sweat suit

7. Bodycon with Loose Trench

Fitted pieces under a loose, lightweight trench are a pair made in heaven. We can’t get over this look!

photo of person in trench coat

We think these are the best outfits for holiday travel, but we know our stylish customers have more! As you make your way across towns, states, and countries for holiday travel, please tag us @crossroadstrading so we can see what you put together. You may be featured on our brand feed!


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December 7, 2021 Quiz: The Fashion Career of Rachel Green

After finishing the 10 seasons of Friends for quite possibly the twentieth time, I finally realized there was an amazing trajectory in the fashion career of Rachel Green. In fact, once she left waitressing, she held 5 fashion jobs before Season 10 ended. (Although, we all know that last one didn’t really start once she got off the plane to Paris).

Quiz time for all you Friends fans: can you remember all 5 of the fashion jobs she had?

If you didn’t remember them all, here you go:

1. Personal Assistant at Fortunata Fashions

Joey helped her get her foot in the door, although this job turned out to be more coffee-making than fashion-related.

2. Assistant Buyer at Bloomingdale’s

When Rachel meets Mark while visiting Monica at her diner job, he helps her get a job at Bloomingdale’s.

3. Personal Shopper at Bloomingdale’s

When Rachel’s boss, Joanna, dies suddenly after giving Rachel a promotion, Rachel actually ends up demoted to a personal shopper.

4. Coordinator of the Women’s Collection at Ralph Lauren

After racking up years of experience at Bloomingdale’s, Rachel works herself up to an executive position at Ralph Lauren.

5. Executive at Louis Vuitton

After being fired from Ralph Lauren for taking an interview with Gucci, a chance meeting with Mark gets her hired at Louis Vuitton in Paris.

How did you do?

If the fashion career of Rachel Green ever had you dreaming of your own, Crossroads Trading can provide you with valuable skills in fashion buying, merchandising, and marketing that can jump-start your career. Even better, Crossroads is part of the growing eco-conscious movement of sustainable fashion. You can learn more about all of our open positions here.


December 2, 2021 What’s the Fastest Way to Sell My Clothes?

Today we answer the common question about secondhand fashion and making money: what is the fastest way to sell my clothes? Maybe you’ve just cleaned out your closet and want to find your pre-loved clothes a new home. Or maybe you’re looking for some quick holiday cash.

At Crossroads Trading, we give you 4 options to meet your specific needs and desire for convenience. Here, we’ve ranked them by the amount of time each takes.

1. In-Person (Same Day)

By far, the fastest way to sell your clothes is to visit one of our store locations nationwide (except for our outlet store in Stockton). No appointment is necessary, our in-store buyers evaluate and price your clothing on the spot, and you receive cash or store credit before you leave. The only requirements are that you’re at least 18 (or accompanied by an adult) and have a valid photo ID.

You can make the process even quicker by adding your name to our selling list from home using the Crossroads Trading Waitlist App.

Model Using Phone

2. Drop Off (2-3 Days)

Most of our stores offer a drop-off service (You can check your local store location page to confirm). Simply let a buyer know you’d like to drop off your items, complete a brief form, and be on your way. Sellers have the option to return for cash or store credit after 48-72 hours (varies by store) or have store credit held on file until their next visit.

3. By Mail (6-8 Weeks)

Don’t have a Crossroads in your neighborhood? You can still sell to Crossroads with our mail-in service. Request a bag and we’ll send you a roomy one with a pre-paid return shipping label. The graphic below shows you all the steps of this service.

Crossroads Sell by Mail Timeline

4. Consignment (Varies)

For your designer and higher-end items, our stores offer a consignment option with payouts of up to 70% in cash (see below). You receive payment when the item sells, so the time involved can vary. However, this is an excellent choice for you if you have designer pieces and extra time to wait in return for a higher cash payout.

Consignment Payout Chart

With our 4 selling options, you can choose the method that works best for you. Whichever you choose, check out our seasonal selling guide first to see the fashion trends we’re currently looking for.