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September 12, 2023 Sell Used Clothes by Mail This Fall

Sell used clothes by mail this fall, and you may find yourself with cash or store credit in your hands! It’s even easier than you think.

It’s Closet Cleanout Time

If you’re like us, you’re ready for a fall closet refresh. This is when we launder and store our spring and summer fashion pieces and bring out all our fall pieces. Yes, it’s time to bring out those sweaters, blazers, and coats again!

Decide What You Still Love

Next, we look at every single one of our fall pieces and decide whether it’s 1). a major yes and goes straight into our closet, 2). looking too worn and needs to be donated, or 3). is no longer a favorite but still in excellent condition and likely to be purchased by someone else.

Order a Crossroads Sell by Mail Bag

Head straight to the Crossroads Sell by Mail page and order a bag. Take a look at the latest selling guide if you want an idea of which of your items are most likely to sell to a Crossroads buyer. Then, order your free bag and select if you’ll want future payment in cash (via Zelle e-payment) or store credit (good at any Crossroads store location). You can also select to have your unpurchased items returned to you for a return fee.

Fill Your Bag & Send It Off

Once you’ve received your bag, fill it up with the items you’d like to sell. It already has a pre-paid shipping label on it, so send it off! Now, you’ll just wait to hear back from a Crossroads buyer.

photo of how to mail clothes to sell to Crossroads Trading

Ready to sell used clothes by mail? Get started by ordering your bag.



September 7, 2023 What is Gorpcore Fashion?

Start talking about gorpcore fashion and people may look at you like the fashion-crazed person you are. Then, continue to explain that the “gorp” in gorpcore is a reference to trail mix (or “good ol’ raisins and peanuts”), and you’ll have them rolling on the floor with laughter.

That’s the thing about fashion: you can always count on it to create something new and creative and have fun while doing it.

If you don’t what gorpcore fashion is yet, it’s fortunately pretty simple. It’s wearing traditionally “outdoors” clothing as streetwear. Think cargo pants, fleece jackets, utility vests, and hiking shoes. But on the city streets.

This is a case where a photo will say 1000 words more than a written explanation will.

Keep scrolling. It will make sense in the next 5 seconds.

man wearing green fleece jacket and black cargo pants

person wearing gorpcore fashion, a rain jacket with wide-leg trousers and a baseball cap

woman wearing gorpcore fashion with a black tank top, black a-line skirt, and hiking shoes

man wearing a fleece jacket and vest with loose cargo pants

man wearing a rain jacket and cargo pants with hiking shoes, standing in front of a cafe

man wearing a corduroy jacket and cargo pants while holding up an umbrella in front of the Eiffel Tower

Gorpcore fashion is one of the trends we’ve included in our most recent seasonal guide. But if it’s not a fit for your personal style, we have plenty more trends and labels for you to consider.

Take a look, and then stop into any of our stores to sell your pre-loved fall pieces and shop for “new” ones you’ll love.



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September 5, 2023 Black-Owned Fashion Boutiques to Shop

Every week on our Instagram feed, we share some of our favorite Black-owned fashion boutiques, always ones with online shopping available. If you missed our August picks, we’ve included all of them here so you can catch up!

Zelie for She

Zelie for She is an LA-based brand known for its limited runs on all its designs. This makes each look that much more special!

Start following their IG account to make sure you don’t miss any new drops.

Woman in long sleeveless dress with black and white squiggly print

Le Beau Monde

Le Beau Monde is a label that offers affordable pieces that capture the latest trends. We’re eyeing their crochet pieces and cutout dresses, perfect for these final days of summer.

Click through to their Instagram feed and start following.

woman in white sundress with white handbag


ALYDA is a brand focused on petite womenswear. If this is your fashion need, you can count on them for ethically-produced pieces in classic cuts and styles. We’re admiring this perfect slip dress.

Click through to their Instagram feed to start shopping.

woman in black slip dress

Thelma West

As you can see, Thelma West’s ethically sourced diamonds are crafted into eye-catching, one-of-a-kind creations. Click through to visit their Instagram feed and find the pieces that speak to your individual style.

hand wearing a diamond and ruby ring

These are only the August Black-owned fashion boutiques we shared on Instagram. Follow our feed and check our website monthly for even more featured brands.


August 31, 2023 Trend Forecasting: Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripe pants are back this fall! For many of us, they take us straight back to the 90s, when we wore them with baby tees on repeat. (Dangerously large hoop earrings were usually included too).

That specific baby tee look has returned as well (see below), but there are many other style pairings for them this season if you want to try something new.

We know we plan to pair our pinstripe pants with bodysuits, crop tops, tank tops, and striped tees. We’ll add a long trench coat on rainy days and oversized blazers for the office. We’ll try them in cropped and baggy cuts, and match them with sneakers or ballet flats.

We’re excited about all the options! Keep scrolling to find your personal style inspiration.

woman dressed in bodysuit and gray pinstripe pants

woman dressed in white crop top, baseball camp, and pinstripe pants

person dressed in orange pinstripe pants and shirt with tie

woman dressed in cream-colored cropped trousers, cream top, and black blazer

woman wearing black trousers, striped t-shirt, trench coat, and rad ballet flats

woman wearing blush-colored tank top and baggy charcoal-colored trousers

This is only one of the trends we selected for our seasonal selling guide, where we forecast the trends ahead so you know what we’re looking for when you sell your clothes. Take a look to see all the other trends, styles, and labels we’re on the lookout for this fall. Then, stop into any of our stores to sell or shop this weekend.


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August 29, 2023 Where to Sell Secondhand Clothes Now

Exactly where to sell secondhand clothes these days? It becomes a pressing question after you clean out your closet and find you have a pile of unwanted pieces that are still in excellent condition. Maybe they never fit quite right, or they never really matched your personal style. Whatever the reason, these pieces should find a new home!

Over the last decade, more options for selling your clothes have popped up, but they all fall neatly into three different areas: in a resale store, by mail, or in an online/app marketplace. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

1. In a Resale Store

Resale stores like Crossroads have trained fashion buyers who buy clothing from the public. In the case of Crossroads, we buy clothes from the public all day every day. You immediately get 30% in cash or 50% in store credit for what your items are priced at.

The major benefit is the ability to take all your clothes to one place and potentially sell multiple items at once, without needing to photograph and upload listings to an online selling site or selling app.

fashion buyers looking through a rack of clothes

2. By Mail

To sell by mail, look for a reputable company and find their pricing structure. If you use the Crossroads Sell by Mail service, you can order a free shipping bag with a pre-paid postage label, fill it up, send your items to our fashion buyers, and receive your payment by Zelle (store credit is available too if you live near a store). You can even choose to have your unpurchased items donated or shipped back to you for a return fee.

person holding a sell by mail bag

3. Online/App Marketplaces

Finally, you can use an online marketplace like eBay or Facebook to upload listings for each piece and sell them individually. There are several app marketplace options that follow the same process too. Just be prepared to answer questions, negotiate prices, and ship items individually as they sell.


The truth is that where to sell secondhand clothes is entirely up to you! If a resale store sounds best, find your nearest Crossroads store location. If selling by mail seems more convenient, we have that option available for you too!

Whatever you decide, we wish your unwanted clothes a bon voyage to a new closet.