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December 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 3 Ways to Pull Holiday Style Inspiration from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stuns on the January 2020 cover of British Vogue and the styling of the photo shoot is exactly what I have always envisioned my ideal holiday style to be. The styles featured in the photo shoot range from subdued classic mod ’60s, a la Twiggy, to effortlessly modern and feminine. Oftentimes when drooling over a fashion magazine feature, I am stumped on how to pull inspiration from the couture styling, but I am pleasantly surprised by the attainable, yet elevated, styles showcased here.
Take a look at three ways to pull attainable holiday style inspiration from Taylor Swifts British Vogue photo shoot.

Sparkle and Shine

Is any holiday season complete without at least one appearance of a sparkly or shiny number? Taylor’s eye-catching top in this photo is my inspiration for celebrating the upcoming end of this decade.
Details of a shimmery top and accessories like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.

Rich Color Tones

Rich color tones, like deep green and warm burgundy, are a winter staple. Unexpected pieces in these colors, like the green suede knee-high boots that Taylor is rocking in her spread, will instantly elevate and set your holiday style apart.
Woman wearing burgundy skirt and navy sweater like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.

Preppy Chic

If there has been one trend that caught me a bit by surprise this year, and quite honestly by delight, it is the resurgence of a classic, preppy chic style. The cover of British Vogue features Taylor in a Chanel tweed jacket and a buttoned-up white blouse looking effortlessly classic.
Woman wearing textured blazer like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.


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December 4th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile How to Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter

It’s the time of year where the cold, frigid weather can get the best of us and we either bundle up to the point of no recognition of our true stylish selves or we decide to rebel against the elements and dress for style without keeping the weather in mind and sacrifice comfort in favor of fashion. Whether you are dressing for work, a night out, or a casual weekend, there are ways to dress warm AND stylish this winter season and all the simple tips are below!

Cover Your Basics

Make sure and have your basic winter pieces in full stock at the first sign of the temperatures dropping: those perfectly flattering jeans, a neutral sweater, a basic go-to coat, and a base layer like a thin turtleneck for layering. All these pieces can be used to fall back on in case of the lack of inspiration or can be mixed and matched with statement pieces throughout the season.
Woman wearing denim with black sweater as stylish basics.

Outerwear Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Invest in a few coats to rotate throughout the season so that you have that go-to coat for any occasion without getting bored.
Woman wearing a stylish plaid overcoat.

Layers Are Key

The most obvious and most important, layers build and keep in warmth. Look for quality layering pieces that enhance your outfit rather than drown you in clothing.
Woman layering with monochramtic black sweater and pants.

Don’t Underestimate Footwear

Stocking up on a few versatile pair of boots is essential for a winter wardrobe that will keep you warm without sacrificing style.
Woman pairing beige wool overcoat with stylish cream boots.

Accessories Make All the Difference

Hats, gloves, and scarves are simple ways to complete your outfit without adding too much bulk or layers if you’re simply looking for a little more warmth during your commute or running errands.
Woman wearing stylish designer bag with blue oversized sweaters.


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December 2nd, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Stylish Ways to Wear your Favorite Winter Sweaters

From chunky cable knits to luxurious cashmere, winter sweaters are at the top of my list for when it comes to dressing for the cold. Sweaters are a breeze to throw on with jeans or leggings this time of year, but there are some key ways that one can instantly jazz up their cozy knit with a few styling tricks! If you’re looking to add a more fashion-forward vibe to the warm and cozy sweaters in your wardrobe this season, then these styling tips are just for you!


Some sweaters, specifically those that are a bit thicker and boxy in style, will look instantly chic when belted at your waist! Belting is a fantastic way to show off your figure a bit more, while changing up your sweater’s silhouette completely!
Woman showing how to style belted sweaters with a skirt.


Sometimes, I stick with the motto, “the cozier the better,” when it comes to my winter sweater game! Long, oversized sweaters instantly add some Olsen-twin flair and they are a great option to wear with knee high boots!
Woman showing how to style oversized sweaters with boots.

Tucked into Jeans

This style tip may seem simple, but it truly can update your typical sweater and denim combo for the better! Opt for a thinner knit or even a cable knit cardigan to truly master this way of styling.
Woman layering a sweater tucked into jeans.

Over a Dress

Sweaters, like cardigans, make fantastic layering alternatives to jackets or coats this time of year. So give this style tip a go by throwing on your favorite fall dress and a chunky turtleneck and you’ll be ready to step out this winter in style!
Woman wearing sweaters over top of a patterned dress.


With the high-waisted jean and pant trend very much in style, a cropped sweater is an excellent way to play with proportions this winter season!
Woman showing how to wear patterned pants with cropped sweaters.


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Staff Style Spotlight: Alyssa

Alyssa in black jacket and white shirt.Meet Alyssa! We asked employees at our Melrose Ave., Los Angeles store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photo shoot wearing their favorite Crossroads finds. Take a look at her photos and read about her style.
Diptych of Alyssa in brown skirt and neutral purse.

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?
My team! We all work together towards a common goal. We all have good communication- especially when talking about outfits! Lol.

Tell us about a Crossroads find that got away.
There was this pair of monogrammed, black leather Chanel flats. They were my size and everything. Funny thing is, I rang up the person who bought them! Super sad face!!!
Alyssa wearing a pink patterned skirt and white top.

What are you dying to see come into your Crossroads?
Alexander Wang Kori Boots- My dream shoes.
Louis Vuitton bags- Classic & go with EVERYTHING!

What is your favorite Winter trend?
Personally, I love that winter brings darker more earthy tones to my style, and I’m in love with neutrals!
Diptych of patterned skirt and white top.
Top tips for selling at Crossroads?

  1. Know what the current trends are.
  2. Bring in receipts with consignment items whenever possible.
  3. Bring everything in anyways, because you never know!

Solo portrait of our employee.


November 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Adapt Your Preppy Style for the Modern Age

The origins of preppy style originate from “preparatory schools,” private institutions synonymous with wealth, status, and typically, privilege and exclusivity, all of which are currently foreign to the modern fashion world. As with the traits of the origins of the style becoming outdated, so is the somewhat vanilla, minimalistic tailored style of the classic preppy visual. Update your preppy style for the modern age with simple layers and additions of edge and unexpected details, putting an eclectic spin on the classic silhouettes and buttoned-up style.

Step Up Your Plaid

Plaid has long been a staple of the classic preppy image. Revitalize your plaid and focus on unique colors and unexpected ways to wear the print, like Blair’s tailored plaid jumpsuit, to add a modern spin on a classic print.
Woman wearing full plaid suit as a preppy style.

Reinvent Your Cardigan

We’ve seen the traditional cardigan come a long way in terms of utility and style this past year. Wear it buttoned-up as a top or throw it over your shoulders for a modern twist on a conventional piece.
Blogger wearing preppy cardigan tucked in to denim.

Play With Fabrics

Styling conventional preppy pieces in traditionally edgy fabrics, like faux leather, will add a layer of interest to an otherwise classic outfit.
Woman brown button up and flowing trousers.

Add a Statement Piece

An eclectic piece adds a twist on the classic heir of preppy style.
Woman wearing preppy overcoat as a statement piece.

Unexpected Details

Whether with shoes, jewelry, layering pieces, or intricate details like stitching or studs, adding unexpected edgy details will add a modern twist to your preppy style.
Woman wearing simple blazer with preppy accessories.


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