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April 1, 2021 The Babydoll Dress is Back for Spring

The babydoll dress is back for spring! Like so many other 90’s fashion trends that have made a comeback, the babydoll dress is returning with warmer weather and visions of days on the boardwalk or in the park. They’re airy and light and pair well with your favorite sandals and a simple bag. Below are some of our favorite styles and stylings that our NorCal Store Teams put together directly from the sales floors of their stores.

Paired with a Straw Bag

The most classic look: picnic-ready. Espadrilles keep the whole look light.

photo of babydoll dress

In a Romper Style

The look of a babydoll dress with the ease of shorts.

photo of babydoll dresses

In a 90’s Print

Go all in with the 90’s by wearing this look with knee-high socks and combat boots.

photo of babydoll dress

French-Inspired with a Beret

All you’ll need to add is a pretty bike with a basket full of fresh flowers.

photo of babydoll dress

With Heels for a Balmy Night Out

Add strappy heels for those warm nights out. Tapas on the patio, anyone?

photo of babydoll dress

Are you as excited as we are that the babydoll dress is back for spring? If so, post a photo of your babydoll look on Instagram and share with us @crosssroadstrading. We may feature your photo on our company feed!


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March 30, 2021 Fashion Trend to Watch: Crochet

When scrolling for fashion inspiration recently, we spotted a clear fashion trend to watch: crochet. Yes, it brings to mind all those blankets your grandmother passed along during your childhood, and maybe you’ve associated it with the way, way past, but that’s actually part of its popularity. Along with vintage and retro fashion, crochet pieces capture that same past feel. Plus, their rare nature makes your personal style stand out.

Crocheting in general is no longer just for grandmothers. Once you start searching for #crochetfashion, you’ll see that it’s a booming hobby and side business for many creatives. To get your hands on your own crochet piece, support their work with a purchase, look for pieces in your favorite secondhand stores, or pick up the craft yourself.

Below are just a few of the inspiration looks we found, including two from our store employees.

photo of woman in crochet sweater

photo of woman in crochet sweater

photo of woman in crochet sweater

photo of woman in crochet sweater

photo of woman in crochet t-shirt

photo of man in red crochet sweater

photo of woman crochet sweater

That’s the news on today’s fashion trend to watch: crochet. If you’re not feeling it, there are still plenty of other current trends to choose from. Just take a look at our most recent selling guide to see all of the ones we’re currently highlighting. Then, bring in your crochet pieces to sell at any of our store locations, or sell them by mail.


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March 25, 2021 What is Casual Suiting?

If you pay close attention to our current selling guides, you may have looked at our latest one and found yourself asking: what is casual suiting?

It’s taking a suit and wearing it with more casual pieces like graphic tees, cropped tops, sneakers, and running shoes. Or even creating a “suit” with a blazer and pants (or shorts!) in a similar color.

We find that softer, looser fabrics and oversized styles also dominate this style.

Expect to see more casual suiting as people begin to return to the office. After a year of working from home, typical officewear will likely have a more comfortable slant. Your scrunchies and waist bags are now office-approved!

Keep scrolling for some inspiration.

photo of woman wearing casual suitingphoto of woman wearing casual suitingphoto of woman wearing casual suitingphoto of woman wearing casual suitingphoto of woman wearing outfit in bluephoto of man in suitPhoto of man in suitphoto of woman wearing casual suiting

So, what is casual suiting? We’re rating it one of our favorite new trends and just one of the many trends you’ll find on our current selling guide. While you look over the trends, consider if you have anything in your closet that matches the list but you just don’t love anymore. Those are the pieces perfect for bringing into Crossroads to sell. We take pre-loved pieces and find them a new home. You can learn more about selling clothes to us here.


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March 23, 2021 Spotlight on SoCal Staff Style

I’m turning the spotlight on our SoCal staff style this week. Let me tell you how this came to be.

Have you ever received one of those panicked emails from an Instagrammer, telling you they’d lost access to their account, and did anyone out there have advice or a contact to help them get it back?

You feel their pain, knowing they’ve worked years on building their community.

Well, our SoCal stores recently experienced this firsthand when their regional account went poof and vanished. No tactic could retrieve it, and knowing that this is no true tragedy–just a minor setback–our stores started a new account from scratch and started building again. You can now find them @crossroadssocal.

Now here’s where their style comes in. As one of their new followers, I noticed each store posting a photo of their team, welcoming back former followers who had found them again. And as I scrolled, I felt like I was looking through a spring style report. I knew our staff was stylish, but WOW, so cool to see it all in one place.

Belted jackets, split-hem denim, platform boots, retro stripes, graphic tees, sweater vests, chunky sneakers, slip dresses, athletic wear…the list goes on. But I don’t have to tell you about it, keep scrolling to see what I’m talking about.

photo of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store teamphoto of store team

If you’re inspired by our spotlight on SoCal staff style, you can now follow them @crossroadssocal. Along with posting the fun they’re having while working, they’ll share the best items coming into the store.

Did you know that ALL of our store regions have their own Instagram account outside of our main one @crossroadstrading? Yep! Follow your region, or follow them all:

Northern California: @crossroads_norcal

Outlet Store in Stockton, CA: @crossroads_outlet

Pacific Northwest: @crossroads_pacnw

Houston: @crossroads_houston

Dallas: @crossroads_dallas

Chicago/Evanston: @crossroads_midwest

New York: @crossroads_east


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March 19, 2021 by Fiona V Pitt How to Get the Most From Selling at Crossroads

I’ve been a buyer at Crossroads for nearly four years. When it comes to getting the most out of your wardrobe, my general advice is to shop for pieces with longevity: this will increase the resale value of your clothes when you’re ready to sell them. Fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and leather will last longer than an inexpensive polyester will. Even better, shop brands that use organic or recycled cotton, or utilize dead stock or biodegradable fabrics like Tencel.

Get the Most From Selling at Crossroads, Model in DressGet the Most From Selling at Crossroads, Model Inspecting Pants


What We Look For

In general, we buy seasonally. However, we also buy the best of all seasons. This means that if you bring in a great leather jacket in mid-summer, we’ll probably buy it, but just at a slightly lower price than in winter.

We follow trends, but our buyers also have a diverse fashion sense. We buy for any style and size as long as it’s fashion-forward and in great condition. We want unique, classic, quality items that represent the community where the store is located.

Preparing Your Clothes to Sell

When you’re ready to clean out your closet and sell your clothes, pull things you know you don’t want. Try on everything you’re questioning. Look in the mirror, but more importantly, ask yourself, how do I feel in this? Then, follow the next steps.

Get the Most From Selling at Crossroads, A Closet to CleanGet the Most From Selling at Crossroads, Model in pristine Rose top

1. Inspect for damages.

Some wear like small holes in a vintage t-shirt may pass inspection, but stains will not. Check for stains across the whole garment. With men’s collared shirts, flip the collar and make sure there are no marks on the neck. Check the inner brim of hats. For both men and women, check a shirts’ underarms and the inside of pants.

2. Wash and fold.

Sprucing up your garments and making them more presentable can bump the price point, like using a Magic Eraser on scuffed sneakers. Always make sure clothing is laundered. Lint roll if necessary. Sew any loose buttons or replace missing ones. Fix a small hole if you know how to sew. A pill remover can revive the look of a fabric. Button, zip, tie, and fold your items to sell into a bag or bin.

3. Sell to Crossroads!

Find your nearest store location and continue to be kind to our planet by selling and shopping secondhand!


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