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July 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 7 Reasons You Should Be Following January Jones

January Jones has always been a bit low on my radar. I wasn’t a huge Mad Men fan and didn’t really know her from much else. That is, until ‘Last Man on Earth’; I loved seeing her in a comedic role and it finally led me to her Instagram. And this is where I fell in love with her! Her style, sense of humor and all-around engagement made her extremely relatable. Check out 7 reasons why you should be following January Jones on Instagram!

Her Style Game is Strong

January is a constant source of style inspiration for me. I love her use of bold vibrant color and print.
January Jones in a purple dress.

She’s Not Afraid to Make Fun of Herself

She never takes herself too seriously and it’s honestly refreshing.
January Jones in a costume apron.

She is Unabashedly Self-Aware

She seems to know just how ridiculous the life of a celebrity is and embraces the absurdity of it all.
Photo of January being surrounded by cameras.

She Knows the True Meaning of #TBT

January is not afraid to show her true essence in her throwback Thursday photos.
Photo of January Jones as a child.

Her Captions are on Point

I never knew how funny January was until I began following her on Instagram!
Photo of January's captions of Instagram.

She Speaks Up

She uses her public persona and reach to speak out about political issues.
Photo of January speaking out on social media.

She is Coming to a TV Near You

She has not one upcoming, but TWO, Netflix series! “The Politician” coming in September and “Spinning Out,” which is still TBD.
Photo of January in front of a promotional poster,


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July 23rd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 4 Ways to Wear Late Summer Trends

This summer has been full of micro-trends, popping up throughout the season, which, if I am being honest, I typically tend to like more than the “must-haves” of each season. They are usually a bit more fun and open for individual interpretation. The common theme between the most recent trend proclamations is that they are all nostalgic; from the ’60s to the ’90s, the late summer trends are calling back to the most carefree summer days with modern updates. Check out below what my four favorite late-summer trend discoveries are!

Silk Scarves

As Samantha wrote last week, summer scarves have made a big splash. Silk summer scarves are being re-purposed in a modern way to bring a fresh feel to this retro accessory.
Woman wearing printed silk scarf for summer trends.


As most 90’s trends have made it back into the trend cycle, it’s no surprise that we have begun to see anklets coming back in full force. From dainty chains, charms, and the notorious puka shells, anklets are an unexpected trend that has upgraded from bohemian to chic.
Woman highlighting summer trends with anklet and small heeled shoes.

Seashell Accessories

From earrings, anklets, and even bags, accessories comprising of seashells have slowly infiltrated my Instagram, Pinterest feed, and all my favorite stores. As with each trend that cycles back, this has taken a modern update from the puka shells of the ’90s.
Woman wearing all white with brown accessories in the street.


The nostalgic print has reappeared this year and has somehow grown from childhood family vacation souvenir t-shirts to chic summer style. Try pairing this print with elevated fabrics for a refreshing take on the trend.
Woman wearing tie-dye shirt with white pants.


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July 22nd, 2019 by Samantha Furno Beach-Ready Style (Without the Beach)

Sunshine, warm sand and an ocean view are at the top of my vacation list when it comes to summer travel. Since I don’t go on nearly enough trips to the beach during the summer season, I like to play pretend by adding some tropical vibes to my summer looks! Even if I’m not basking in the sunshine in a sandy destination, who says I can’t dress like I’m there?! I’ve rounded up five simple and effortless ways to make any outfit feel a bit more “beachy.” (travel not required!)

Swimwear as Daywear

Did you see Jennifer’s article from earlier this month?! She talks all about how to incorporate swimwear into your everyday outfits, which is a fool-proof way to make any outfit feel like you’re heading the beach! Read her article here.
Woman wearing swimwear top as a beach look.

Timeless Tropical Prints

Tropical prints will forever be reminiscent of the summer season. Instead of reaching for that classic Hawaiian print button down in your closet that you’ve had for years, try incorporating this fun print into your look this summer in a fashion-forward silhouette like these straight leg pants instead!
Woman wearing printed floral pants with plain black tank top.

Shell Deets

Take the beach with you wherever you go this summer season by adding pearl accessories to your outfits!
Woman wearing pearl accessories that remind us of the beach.

Add in a Bright Hue

Bold colors instantly make any outfit pop and are a must for mastering a vacation-ready look! Throw on an eye-catching tank with some shell jewelry for a winning combo!
Woman wearing bright tank top with beach shell accessories.

Straw Accessories

Whether it’s a wide-brim hat or a tote purse, straw accessories are an easy outfit addition that will make any look a bit more beachy in style!
A small collection of straw-based accessories.


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July 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Friday Favorites: July 19th, 2019

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Store Finds

Annette is the epitome of summer chic in this striped, ruffle sleeve maxi dress she found at her local Crossroads Trading. Remember to share your favorite #CrossroadsFinds on Instagram!
Woman wearing dress on outside stairs for Friday inspiration.

Street Style Inspo

Chic, white summer looks are such a classic!
Woman wearing all white with brown bag as Friday inspiration.

Celeb Style Inspo

A constant source of style inspo, Yara shines in mixed prints and a stunning million dollar smile!
Yara jumping inside a small business.

2019 Emmy Nominations

Did your favorite make the cut? See all the 2019 Emmy nominations here and prepare for the beginning for awards season! My vote goes to Joey King not only for her moving work in ‘The Act’ but her emotional reaction to finding out she has been nominated.

Beyonce- ‘SPIRIT’ from Disney’s “The Lion King”

Beyonce debuted the stunning video for ‘SPIRIT’ from Disney’s The Lion King live-action remake and if nostalgia alone didn’t already make you want to see the movie, new Beyonce music will!

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adamas are Engaged

My favorite celebrity couple, Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams, is engaged and if you follow them on Instagram, you too probably feel just as excited as if your very own best friends are getting married.
Photo of engaged Sarah and Wells for Friday post.

‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Announced

HBO has announced that they will be rebooting the teen drama Gossip Girl, set 8 years after the original ended, with a new set of teens navigating New York. If it was any other network, I would write it off, but I am hopeful that HBO can make this work!
Photo of Gossip Girl title shot.

Ask an Influencer

I am absolutely fascinated by Instagram influencers. Based on the $2.38 billion industry, I would assume that you are too. Refinery 29 is pulling the curtain back and beginning a new series ‘Ask an Influencer,’ starting with Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature who has over 408,000 Instagram followers. See her profile here.
Photo of Feral Creature blog runner at a table outside.

Celeb #Flashback Friday

Just another reason why Jennifer Garner wins Instagram.
Friday flashback post of Jennifer Garner at 21.


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July 16th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Use Instagram for Style Inspiration

Instagram has quickly taken over and become my favorite way to find style and outfit inspiration. With all the features added over the last couple of years, it’s become an all-encompassing app, combining the best features of Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs all in one easy app that we are, honestly, already on all day long. It can be a bit overwhelming so I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the 5 features of Instagram that are best used for organizing your style inspiration!

Organize via Categories

It took me some time to get into the categories feature on Instagram because I felt that in a way, it was just too similar to Pinterest, which I am already horrible at keeping up with. But, once I started using it, I realized how much better it was! Not only can I save posts that I want to go back and read in more detail later but categorizing my style inspo very specifically makes it so much easier to find something than scrolling through all the posts I’ve “liked.” For example: “summer athleisure” or “summer tees” instead of an all-encompassing “summer style.” Also, the “See more like this” option shows similar posts to ones you’ve saved, which is fun to explore.
Photo of Instagram organization.

Follow Hashtags

I realized recently that I use hashtags when I post, but I very rarely click on them via other posts to explore. Who has the time! I have recently discovered that you can actually follow hashtags. This feature can be used strategically to boost your visibility to others if you’re looking for followers but my favorite thing about it is how much I’ve discovered that I normally would not have without exploring a hashtag. The posts within the hashtag you follow will appear just as others do from accounts you follow. Again being more specific about which you follow will help to not over saturate your feed i.e. “summerOOTD” over “OOTD.”
Screencap of a hashtag search.

Who Your Favorite Style Influencers are Following & Liking

It only makes sense that we would enjoy what our favorite style influencers like and follow. I love to see deeper into where my favorite style accounts get their inspiration from and have discovered new accounts that I absolutely love just by browsing the accounts they follow and seeing what posts they like.
Screencapture of a user's followers on Instagram.

Browse IGTV

Has anyone else been a bit slow to jump on the IGTV train? I feel like because many of my favorite style accounts took more time to begin using this feature that I dismissed it and never checked it out. Now that I’ve noticed more and more accounts and style bloggers have been using it, I’ve finally spent some time on it and I just may be sold! IGTV is such a great space to see style come alive and it just a bit quicker and less time consuming that YouTube, and you don’t have to change apps!
A screencap of IGTV channel options.

“Share to” Feature

This is a little simpler, but I love that I can share a post via text, email, or even Pinterest if I want to save it outside of Instagram. Even with categories, Instagram can be overwhelming and saving a post outside of the app allows me to find it just a bit quicker or sending it via text makes it easier for a friend to view rather than tagging them, which can become muddled in all their other notifications. I’ve found that this feature is particularly useful when I’m shopping for a similar look I’ve found on Instagram, so I don’t have to wade through my account to find it and therefore become distracted.
Screencap of an option to share an Instagram post.


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