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November 10, 2020 5 Italian Fashion Influencers We’re Following

Ciao from Rome! This week we’re reporting from Italy and wish you were here with us to enjoy the gelato, the cobblestone streets, everything. We can at least share a bit of our style inspiration with you, brought to you via 5 Italian fashion influencers we’re following now.

Giovanna Engelbert

Giovanna Engelbert

A prominent Italian Fashion Editor, Consultant and Creative Director, Giovanna manages to effortlessly evoke Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday style time and time again. Plus, she never shies away from breathtaking over-the-top pieces.

Sara Battaglia

Sara Battaglia

Sister to Giovanna and a fashion designer with an eponymous label, Sara Battaglia blends modern tailoring with the popular styling of the 1950’s and 1960’s. This lemon yellow suit with leopard print coat is a perfect example.

Tommaso Rosati

Tommaso Rosati

Tommaso Rosati became a digital creator at 16 and is now the Founder & Creative Director of Atome. His signature wide-brimmed hats are just one of our favorite styling tricks from him. How about this handsome crossbody utility bag too?

Michelle Ngonmo

Michelle Ngomno

Michelle is the founder of Afro Fashion Week Milan and dedicated to transforming the traditional Italian fashion scene to better reflect a cross-cultural exchange. Her Afro Fashion Association is focused on creating platforms that bring designers of African origin to international markets and audiences.

Guilia Tordini

Guilia Tordini

Art Director-turned-designer Guilia Torodini is the Founder & Creative Director of Leda Madera, a jewelry company inspired by her fashion industry upbringing and a personal draw to the small details in accessories. She showcases her gold-plated brass pieces with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to party dresses.

This list is only a sampling of the Italian fashion influencers we’re currently following. Tag us in the comments of some of your favorite Italian influencers to share even more with us. We’re @crossroadstrading.


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November 5, 2020 The Best Fall and Winter Boot for the 2020 Season

The best fall and winter boot for the 2020 season is indisputably the combat boot. In a year that’s been nothing short of tough, it’s the accessory that marks the times. Famed fashion photographer Bill Cunningham had it right when he said,”Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

It’s versatility only adds to its popularity. Here’s just a few examples.

Woman in combat boots

A pair in patent black leather gives a dress and bike shorts a proper edge. You’re ready to take on the world.

Woman in combat boots
Combat boots pair perfectly with a jumpsuit and subtly dishevel a polished look when laces are loosely tied at the ankles.

Man in combat boots

Our San Jose, CA team member wears them in suede, cuffed with crisp dark denim (along with an incredible Burberry tunic off the racks of the store).

Christina Dior Combat Boots

They come in designer brands too! You can’t look away from this Christian Dior pair, can you? These were recently found on the sales floor of our Fillmore St., San Francisco store and hit all the right notes.

In agreement with our choice? If yes, how would you wear the best fall/winter boot?

We can’t wait to see. Tag us on Instagram: @crossroadstrading.


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November 3, 2020 3 Things to Know About Election Day 2020

It’s finally, finally, finally here: Election Day 2020! If you’ve already voted, well done, but if you’ve waited to face the task today, that’s OK too. Here are 3 things to know about this much anticipated day.

1. It’s not too late.

You’ve been seeing photos of early voters standing in lines for hours, celebrities sporting “I Voted” stickers, and your favorite influencers asking if you have a voting plan for weeks now. You’ve been busy — we believe you — but that doesn’t mean you’ve  missed your chance. Find all the information you need on the Rock the Vote website.

Photo of Voting Sign

2. Dress for the occasion.

You may get lucky, but to be safe, expect the lines to be long. Like really long. You got this! Wear your comfiest clothes (mask included), bring a buddy or downloaded podcast/book/playlist to keep you company, and pack a bag of yummy snacks. No judgement here: we’d personally pack potato chips and dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

3. Don’t expect Election Day 2020 results tonight.

With so much early voting involved (over 98 million early votes–amazing!), it’s very likely states will take longer than usual to get all votes counted. This is where we all bring our patience to the table. Don’t expect your traditional Election Night winner call. Instead, go to bed knowing you did your part by getting your vote in on time.

Photo of employee in front of vote sign

Crossroads thanks you for doing your part by participating in Election Day 2020!


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September 2, 2020 by Jennifer Bender Surprising Trend Comebacks From The ’90s & Early Aughts

This article was originally published on March 10, 2020.

Trends are cyclical in nature: what is new is so often old. Luckily, when old trends come back into style they get a modern update from a new generation. Take a look at 3 surprising trend comebacks from the late 90’s & early 2000’s that have made their returns.

Tube Tops

Made popular in the late 90’s & early aughts, this strapless top has been seen on just about every fashion it-girl this year. However, they’re no longer for baring midriffs with belly button rings. Instead, they’ve been updated as modern, sophisticated tops that can be made versatile with the right bottoms and layering pieces.

Tube Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Halter Tops

Another top that was synonymous with “going out”, this neckline has been seen on the runways with chic updates. The strong shoulder-baring silhouette can be bold or simple, with endless style possibilities from tops to dresses to jumpsuits for the upcoming warm weather seasons.

Halter Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Low Rise Jeans

Most either love them or hate them. There are no neutral opinions on hip-hugging low rise denim, making them a surprising trend comeback. The return of low rise can simply be for the reaction, bringing back something that is arguably against the grain, or to give people new options to create the wardrobe that fits them best.

Low Rise Jeans Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

What are your favorite – or not so favorite – trend comebacks from past decades?


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August 28, 2020 by Mauricio Gomez Sell by Mail: A Step by Step Guide

We get it, it’s hard to find time to get to your local Crossroads and sell those pieces you’re no longer wearing or never put on in the first place. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Sell by Mail program!

Things to Know Beforehand

  • We know you spent good money on the clothes you’re sending in which is why we offer return service. For a $15 fee, we will send back any items we pass on.
  • Payout percentages are the same as in-store: 30% in cash or 50% in trade.
  • We do not offer consignment; a little confusing, right? This just means we will purchase your items outright. You don’t have to wait for your items to sell in our stores to get paid out. Hope that clears things up.

sell by mail envelope.

Step One: Request a Bag

You can request a bag on our website. Each bag is individually packaged in our Sell By Mail envelope and shipped to the address provided. Our primary form of communication is email, so make sure to provide a valid and regularly used email address.
Sell by Mail adding shoes to bag.

Step Two: Fill it Up/ Send it Back

Once you receive your Sell by Mail bag you will notice a UPS label taped on. This is how we’re able to look you up in our system. Yep, that’s it. When filling the bag, make sure the flap can securely close; if the bag looks like it’s about to burst, consider reducing the amount of items.

I’m sure you’re wondering: well what should I put in the bag? We are looking for gently used, on trend items preferably purchased within the last three years. Here are some suggestions:

  • Condition is everything! Broken zippers, stains, unwashed, unintentional rips and tears are avoided by our buyers. Make sure the pieces you’re sending are something you would consider an excellent hand me down.
  • What’s it made of? Our customers are very fabric conscious. They love cotton, silk, wool, cashmere and leather. Check your labels!
  • The more money spent on the piece, the higher the resale value. We are currently not interested in purchasing fast fashion pieces as their price points are too low to for our stores to sell competitively.
  • Accessories are hot sellers; however, we do not buy jewelry through our program. Shoes can be sent at your own risk. Please be sure to package them appropriately.
  • Style and age is very important. If the item you want to send in can be considered vintage, out of style, or is something you no longer see people wearing, chances are it’s something our customers are not looking for.

Putting shoes into the envelope
Once your bag is filled up, drop it off at your nearest UPS location. The labels on our bags are prepaid and only trackable through UPS. Make sure to ask for a drop off receipt for verification purposes. Once the bag has been scanned, you can expect it to arrive to our Northern California warehouse within seven business days.

Step Three: Now We Wait

The estimated processing time we post on our website is our best estimate from the date of the bag’s arrival to our distribution center located in Northern California. If you feel like it has been longer than what we’ve posted, don’t hesitate to send us an email: We will get back to you with a more detailed timeline.

waiting for sell

Step Four: Cash Out

Get cash for 30% of what we price your items to sell for, or get 50% in trade credit.
Putting a bag into the envelope.

Step Five: Do it Again

If this is a program that works for you, feel free to request additional bags through our website. We love our repeat sellers, especially the ones sending in the brands, styles and one-of-a-kind pieces our customers are looking for. Just like fashion, our programs are ever evolving, so make sure to check back for any updates to our Sell by Mail program. What are you waiting for? Order your Sell by Mail bag now!