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February 9, 2021 8 Best Ways to Style a Sweater Vest

I would like to put it on record that sweater vests get a bad rap. Maybe it’s because we associate them with our dads and grandpas. However, I keep noting these days how stylish they can be, and in so many different ways. Not convinced? For your consideration, I present what I think are the 8 best ways to style a sweater vest.

1. With Your Favorite Tee

So simple, yet so cool.

Girl in sweater vest with t-shirt

2. Over a Dress

I’ve seen this look done with short and long dresses. The result is consistently good.

Woman with Dress and sweater vest

3. Buttoned Loosely

I’m on the hunt for one with buttons now! The half-buttoned styling here makes it more casual.

Man with sweater vest

4. With an Untucked Button-Up

Let your button-up frame the whole vest.

Photo of girl wearing a sweater vest

5. As a Top

I don’t know why I never thought to wear it alone as a top!

Photo of woman wearing a sweater vest

6. With Layers Upon Layers

Just layers and layers of goodness over here.

Woman with layered outfit

7. Tucked into Jeans

No need to hide your waistline with this styling.

Photo of woman taking selfie

8. With Puffy Sleeves

The sweater vest almost exaggerates the puff sleeves. Love this!

Photo of woman in sweater vest

Did I convince you with my 8 best ways to style a sweater vest? If yes, let us see your styling by sharing a photo on Instagram.


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February 4, 2021 3 Quick Ways to Spot a Real Gucci Handbag

We hope you’re enjoying our blog series on designer handbag authentication. Today we’re sharing 3 quick ways to spot a real Gucci handbag. The internet offers a wealth of knowledge on this subject, and we really like this great detailed guide from Bagaholic 101 and this guide from Bagvanity. Often times though, a quick glance is all you need to determine if a Gucci handbag is real. Here are the 3 things you should examine first.

1. Inspect the Interior Fabric.

Since replica makers put their focus on getting the outside of the bag just right (which they often do really well), they skimp on the interior of the bag. A real Gucci handbag shows excellence throughout, which means a high-quality interior fabric with clear logos.

2. Confirm Only One Gucci Logo is Used.

Both the touching G logo and overlapped G logo are officially Gucci, but you won’t see both used on the same handbag.

3. Ensure the Interior Tag Engravings are Flawless.

Again, a replica handbag maker will ignore the fine details of a Gucci bag interior. The interior tag will have an unscratchable, well-aligned logo on the front and a clear unscratchable serial number on the back.

Some Examples

Below are examples of Gucci handbags, shoes, wallets, and belts that we’ve authenticated in our stores. Notice the quality craftsmanship throughout.

Photo of Gucci HandbagPhoto of Black Gucci LoafersCream Colored Gucci LoafersBlack Gucci Bag with Gold HardwarePhoto of Classic Gucci HandbagPhoto of Gucci HandbagPhoto of Gucci beltPhoto of Gucci High HeelsPhoto of Gucci loafers and beltPhoto of Gucci slidesPhoto of Gucci walletPhoto of Gucci bag and walletsPhoto of Orange Gucci HandbagPhoto of woman with Gucci handbag

So that’s it: 3 quick ways to spot a real Gucci handbag. Do you love Gucci? Follow us on our Instagram feed to see new pieces that come into our stores, or consign your designer item with us anytime.


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February 2, 2021 Find Your Favorite Style of Flared Jeans

There are some things so good they always find their way back on the list of latest trends, and flared jeans are one of them. You’re probably already familiar with the rotation: skinny jeans to straight-leg jeans to flares. Now that they’re back on top of the trend list, it’s an excellent time to find your favorite style of flared jeans. Here are the 3 best styles to consider.

1. Boot-Cut Flare

Boot-cut flares are the best choice for those who love to wear combat boots and booties. They give you a little extra room at the ankle and draw attention to those great boot styles.

Boot Cut Jeans in Black

Girl in Boot Cut Jeans

Girl in boot cut flared jeans

2. Cropped Flare

If you love to show off your shoes, then opt for the cropped flare. They are an especially good match with strappy heels and sandals.

Photo of high rise cropped flare jeans

Girl in Cropped Flare Jeans

Cropped jeans

3. Wide-Cut Flare

If your style leans towards vintage and retro, then wide-cut flares have your name on them. The bigger the flare, the more they evoke the popular look of the 70’s.

Girl in Wide Flare Jeans

Did we help you find your favorite style of flared jeans? Let us know which one you chose by sharing a photo on Instagram.


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January 28, 2021 How to Inspect a Louis Vuitton Bag for Authenticity

If you’re wondering how to inspect a Louis Vuitton bag for authenticity, look no further. We have the honor of inspecting them often, and they’re one of the most popular items we put on consignment in our stores.

Whether you’re looking at a Speedy, a Chantilly, or another bag style, there are a few common checkpoints across all Louis Vuitton bags. I’ll cover the top 4 below. All photos included are of bags we’ve authenticated in our stores.

1. Check the Hardware Weight

Despite the myth, not all Louis Vuitton hardware is brass (which will be easy to identify if tarnished), but it should feel heavy. Lightweight hardware is a major red flag. Most modern bags have hardware made with plated base metals, and brass is now usually reserved for limited edition bags.

Louis Vuitton Hardware

Louis Vuitton HardwareLouis Vuitton Hardware

2. Examine Leather Stamping

Look closely at all stamping. Stamps should be crisp. This means they align neatly with seams, have well-spaced lettering, and are easy to read.

Louis Vuitton Stamp

Louis Vuitton Stamp

Louis Vuitton Stamp

Louis Vuitton Stamp

Louis Vuitton Stamp

3. Check the Trim and Handles

Louis Vuitton uses Vachetta leather for its trimming and handles. This leather is untreated and develops a patina (darker color) over time. This means that used Louis Vuitton handbags should show some color change in their handles from the natural wear from hands. In the case of Louis Vuitton handles, perfect ones are imperfect.

Louis Vuitton Handles

Louis Vuitton Handles

Louis Vuitton Handles

Louis Vuitton Handles

Louis Vuitton Handles

4. Inspect the Canvas for Fading

Monogramed Louis Vuitton bags are made with high-quality coated canvas that may show color variation over time, but never fades.

Classic Louis Vuitton WalletBrown Checked Louis Vuitton Wallet

Looking for even more information? There are many great online tutorials about how to inspect a Louis Vuitton bag for authenticity, and nothing is better than learning from a former Louis Vuitton employee. That’s what makes this interview especially helpful.

If you’re in the market for a Louis Vuitton bag, stop into one of our stores to see what we have on consignment or follow us on Instagram to see what’s just hit our sales floor.


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January 26, 2021 Living That Thrifted Lifestyle

Let’s talk about living that thrifted lifestyle, the one where you save money, keep used clothing and furniture out of landfill, and create a unique look in your home and fashion that’s all your own.

The more we see it and live it, the more we commit to it. Like you, we’ve fallen head over heels with the very heart of it: the thrill of the hunt. You know it: it’s the thrill of spotting that perfect item and counting the minutes until your home so you can work it into your living room or try it on with the perfect match in your closet.

Now more than ever, it’s so easy to find thrifted inspiration online for both outfit style and home decor. Today we share what a little #thrifted search brought us on Instagram, and how it reminded us of the special draw behind living that thrifted lifestyle.

Photo of Thrifted Furniture Photo of thrifted green chairPhoto of thrifted decorPhoto of girl in thrifted outfitPhoto of woman in thrifted Burberry coatPhoto of thrifted bistro setPhoto of thrifted decorPhoto of girl in thrifted outfitPhoto of woman in thrifted blue dressPhoto of woman in thrifted outfitPhoto of thrifted leather chairPhoto of thrifted green velour chair

Are you living that thrifted lifestyle too? Let’s connect! Stop into one of our stores, follow us on Instagram, or sell to us by mail. We hope to see you soon!


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