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August 7th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Ways to Wear Pastel Late in the Summer

Typically, pastel colors would instantly remind me of the spring season; however summer ‘19 is proving that these soft and muted colors are not a one season color story! From baby pinks to sky blues, pastels are the perfect hues to compliment summer neutrals, such as whites or tans. Also noteworthy, pastels are also right on trend with the 90’s revival that has been dominating the fashion world in 2019! Here are five late summer looks that incorporate these candy-colored hues and some fresh tips that on how to incorporate these hues into your own outfits!

Seek an On-Trend Piece

Opting for a totally trendy style in a pastel hue ensures you’ll be looking (and feeling) like a fashionista all season long. Just look at those gorgeous pearl buttons too!
Woman wearing blue pastel sweater against white backdrop.

An Accessory to Match

Go ahead and have some fun with these soft colors by mixing and matching them with pastel colored accessories, like a hat or a purse! Side-note, tie-dye makes it easy to incorporate pastels into any look too!
Woman sitting outside with a pastel hat.

Blend with Neutrals

Like I mentioned above, pastels look excellent with summer neutrals. The trick is to find a pastel hue that compliments your neutrals rather than clashing with them!
Man wearing patterned top with neutral bottoms and t-shirt.

Monochromatic from Head to Toe

Wearing a single pastel hue from head to toe will ensure that your look will be absolutely striking, even though the hue is muted!
Woman wearing a full pastel suit with white t-shirt.

Multiple Hues

Sometimes, it’s fun to dive right into a trend and make it the boldest part of your outfit!
Woman wearing a bright multicolored dress outside.


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August 6th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Trends to Retire This Fall & How to Replace Them

We all know that trends are cyclical, so it’s only natural that we reassess them as much as each new season because that is when we tend to update and clean out our wardrobe the most. There is nothing wrong with loving a trend so much that it becomes an everlasting staple in your rotation, just as there is nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon of a trend and abandoning it as soon as the novelty wears off.
As we head into fall, we are naturally seeing a turnover of trends and what’s going to be favored for the new season. It seems as though the most popular trends of the year are being set aside for updated versions and I must say that although I have been loving what we have seen this past year, it’s refreshing to see the updated styles for a new season.

Try Snakeskin Instead of Leopard Print

Leopard print has had a prominent revival this year, and not that we don’t love it, but the time has come to replace it with the newest animal print trend: snakeskin. This chic trend has slowly been outshining leopard print and is predicted to completely eclipse the summer trend come fall.
Woman wearing snakeskin blouse with blue denim for fall.

Give Your Skinnies a Break & Dive Into Bootcut Jeans

Skinny jeans will forever be a favorite go-to, but come fall we will be seeing bootcut jeans everywhere. They are perfect to pair with your favorite fall booties, no tucking or adjustments needed.
Woman wearing denim bootcut jeans with a blazer for fall.

Swap Pointed-Toe Footwear for Square Toe

Give your feet a bit more room by swapping out your well-loved pointed toe shows for chic square toe booties and flats.
Woman wearing khakis and boots outside for fall.

Trade Vibrant Coral For Cool Pistachio

Although it has been hailed as the color of the year, coral is swiftly being challenged by a must softer, yet still bold, pistachio color pallet.
Woman wearing pistachio-colored jacket and sunglasses.

Replace Your Bold Prints with Classic Prints

The tie-dye craze was cool for summer but come fall, we will be seeing more minimal and classic prints, like small, dark floral prints over louder prints.
Woman wearing black with a dark green jacket for fall inspiration.


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July 30th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Classic Fall Styles to Invest in Now

Don’t shoot the messenger, but with August 1st literally around the corner, we will soon be inundated with fashion for the upcoming fall season, both online and in stores. As much as I love fall style, it’s my absolute favorite season for getting dressed, I understand that researching fall styles is a bit hard with the triple-digit weather we have been experiencing recently. So, I’ve bitten the bullet for you and rounded up 5 styles to look forward to next season. This fall is all about classic style, meaning you either already have it in your closet or you’ll be investing in pieces that you will be able to wear for seasons to come. Take a look at 5 classic fall styles to begin shopping for and investing in now.

Bootcut Denim

You’ll love this controversial denim silhouette more than you remember. The subtle flare is perfect for pairing with your favorite fall boots.
Woman wearing white bootcut denim as inspiration for fall styles.

Classic Plaid

Plaid will forever be a staple for fall. Invest in a timeless plaid piece, like a coat or scarf in neutral colors.
Woman wearing long plaid overcoat outside, synonymous with fall styles.

Square Toe Boots

Out with the pointy toes and in with the chic, sophisticated square toe!
Cropped photo of black square-toed boots with denim as an option for fall styles.

Tote Bags

As the temperatures rise, bags seem to get smaller, i.e. the belt bag trend. So as it would go, as the temperatures lower in the fall, the bags will be getting larger. Invest in a roomy, versatile tote bag this fall to carry all your essentials.
Photo of a woman wearing a well made brown tote bag.

Luxe Leather

Real or faux, leather is always in style. Go for an unexpected piece, like leather trousers or a leather midi skirt this fall, instead of the typical leather jacket.
Woman wearing leather pants with a big brown sweater.


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July 29th, 2019 by Samantha Furno How to Instantly Refresh Your Wardrobe

Whenever a season is nearing its second half, my wardrobe can start to feel a bit stagnant. When I begin to notice that I am comfortable throwing on basically the same outfit each and every day, I know it is time to do a quick little wardrobe refresh! This refresh typically starts with cleaning out and organizing my closet, followed by a little bit of shopping for key styles that will instantly liven things up a bit. Rather than doing a full wardrobe overhaul, adding in some fresh and exciting pieces is the perfect way to breathe new life into the line-up you already have! Here are four styles that I keep my eye out for while shopping to revamp my wardrobe!

Invest in New Basics

Whether you shop for new color ways or different classic styles, adding some new basic pieces to your wardrobe will instantly make you look and feel refreshed! It is a simple wardrobe update that will go a long way, trust me!
Woman wearing similar colored pieces to elevate wardrobe basics.

An On-Trend Accessory

Whether it is a stylish purse, a silky printed scarf or a fresh pair of sunglasses, adding a new detail to your wardrobe is a fantastic way to add an instant pick-me-up to your outfits.
Woman using designer purse to elevate their wardrobe.

Add in a Hero Piece

Hero pieces are those standout styles in your wardrobe that you throw on and instantly feel like a million bucks! Shop for a bold jacket or even a pair of patterned pants that will be easy to mix and match with the styles you already love in your wardrobe.
Blogger wearing an all-white outfit with red jacket.

Fun Footwear

Shoes are a great way to show some personality and with so many styles and colors out there, it will be simple to snag a pair that will liven up the outfits from the ground up! Pro-tip: Crossroads is my favorite place to snag a unique pair of footwear!
Blogger wearing a blazer and jeans against a wall for moderate wardrobe.


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July 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Friday Favorites: July 26th, 2019

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Store Finds

Don’t forget to check out the accessories section at Crossroads. Moira found these amazing sunnies to complete her summer look! Remember to share your favorite #CrossroadsFinds on Instagram!
Photo of a customer in items from the store for a Friday post.

Street Style Inspo

Danielle has perfected summer chic vacation vibes.
Photo of a blogger in a sheer dress on a stair set for a Friday post.

Celeb Style Inspo

This week the honor goes to Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Bulter at The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere. I absolutely love the sheer details on Vanessa’s dress!
Vanessa Hudgens in black dress with male guest.

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Red Carpet Premiere

Speaking of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, the red carpet was full of glamour, but what else can you expect with movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie? See all the looks here.

Hollywood Invades Comic-Con 2019

Comic-Con was held this past weekend in San Diego and the biggest news announced was Marvel’s phase 4 movie timeline. From the Scarlett Johansson led ‘Black Widow’ to Natalie Portman being named the new female ‘Thor’, Marvel’s future seems unstoppable. My favorite part? Seeing what all the celebs wore!

The NYFW Spring/Summer 2020 Calendar Has Been Released

NYFW begins on Friday, September 6th and the calendar has officially been released announcing the designer shows during the shortened 6-day schedule.
Photo of the end of a runway show.

Tom Hanks is Mr. Rogers

The trailer for ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ premiered this week and the sheer wholesomeness had me in near tears the entire time. The world could use a bit of kindness right now and this true story may just remind people of that.

The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities

Forbes released their annual list of the world’s highest-paid celebrities and topping the list is the likes of Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Kanye West.
Photo of Taylor Swift in sunglasses.

Anne Hathaway Announces Pregnancy

Anne Hathaway is pregnant with her second child!
Photo of Anne Hathaway announcing pregnancy for Friday post.

Celeb #FlashbackFriday

January Jones always kills it with her flashbacks!
Flashback Friday post of old photo of January Jones.


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