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January 4, 2022 Spotlight on Black Owned Fashion Brands

Every Friday, we share Black-owned fashion brands you should know on our Instagram feed.  If you didn’t catch them last month, here’s a recap of the 5 brands we featured.

1. The OULA Company

@theoulacompany has all our attention. Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous printed dress for dinner parties and nights out? What a stunner! The company uses textiles that are sourced responsibly and creates its handmade pieces in the U.S. See even more standout pieces on their website here.

photo of person in purple print dress

2. Nicole Shante

Label @nicoleshanteofficial features eye-catching designs by @nicoleshante_ that are “inspired by women who are strong-spirited and fearless.” This bold pantsuit is an example of what we absolutely love about the line. Shop the site here.

photo of person in striped suit


Premium activewear label,, creates dancer-like pieces that are proudly made in LA and manufactured with a commitment to ethical working practices. We can’t take our eyes off their line of bodysuits. See all the pieces on their website here.

photo of people in activewear

4. Peju Obasa

We adore the eco-conscious crocheted mini belted bags of @pejuobasa. They can be worn many ways (we really like them across the chest), and this one in tangerine has us dreaming of a tropical winter escape. Shop their line here.

photo of orange crochet bag

5. par Bronte Laurent

There is no better way to celebrate the New Year than with a beautiful piece of fashion, and Black-owned @parbrontelaurent delivers that beauty with this flawless piece. Founder Bronte Laurent aims for pieces so comfortable you never want to take them off, and we think she’s hitting the mark. Shop the line here.

photo of person in navy dress

This post includes only a few of the Black-owned fashion brands you should know about; there are even more featured on our Instagram feed. You can also join us back here on our website next month when we’ll feature our January picks!


December 30, 2021 2021 Fashion Trends We Loved – Part 2

In our final countdown to the end of 2021, we’ve been thinking a lot about the fashion trends we loved this year. The list was long, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorites. You can see part 1 of this series here.


If you discovered jumpsuits this year, welcome to the club! It’s the best fashion secret ever: a one-piece outfit that’s a blank slate. Add a scarf, booties, a belt, a necklace, or nothing else. There’s no wrong answer. The jumpsuit’s got your back.

photo of person in jumpsuit


There’s absolutely no need to stand confused in front of your closet for 10 minutes each morning when your only goal is wear just one color. Oh, monochromatic dressing, where have you been all our life? Who knew that all black, all white, and all gray were all chic?

photo of person in black clothing


For one brief shimmering moment there, summer felt almost normal again, and pretty lace was there to meet our mood. We looked for it in classic eyelet and leapt at twin set pieces. Without a doubt, one of the fashion trends we loved.

photo of white eyelet matching set

Hot Pink

Some days in 2021 were super low-key, while others were blazing with energy. On those days, we could turn to hot pink, either in full force head-to-toe or in pops of color like this adorable furry bag.

photo of hot pink handbag

Waist Bags

We figuratively had our hands full this year, so when we *literally* had them full too, we counted on waist bags to get us from the coffee shop to work to those afternoon errands.

photo of belt bag

That’s our wrap-up of the fashion trends we loved in 2021. We know we can’t wait to see what trends emerge in 2022. How about you? You can get some first hints of what’s to come in our winter selling guide. Until then, enjoy your NYE celebrations and HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Crossroads! xoxo


December 28, 2021 2021 Fashion Trends We Loved – Part 1

It’s the last week of 2021 and we’re both reflecting on what the year brought us and ready to turn the page on NYE. Before we give 2021 a grand adieu though, let’s look back at some of the 2021 fashion trends we loved along the way.

Combat Boots

Despite what we all hoped, 2021 ended up requiring us to be as resilient as 2020 did. It’s no wonder then that combat boots kept their place in the front of our closets. If we had to be warriors for another year, we wanted to at least dress like one.

photo of combat boots

Over-the-Top Pieces

Along that same vein, we needed a little cheer, and for those of us who love fashion, there’s nothing like an over-the-top, shiny, sparkly statement piece to accomplish that. Many referred to it as joy dressing.

To the lucky person who picked up this showstopping jackpot bag from our store floor this year, we salute you.

photo of beaded jackpot bag


Maybe we were feeling a little nostalgic this year (we did turn 30!), and vintage pieces took us to another place and time. We shopped for oversized prints, fringe, suede, and big buckles. Even better, we bought loads of vintage items into our stores so you could enjoy them too.

photo of person in suede jacket


While it was time to return to the world and leave our sweatpants at home, we still weren’t quite ready to think about what to wear each morning. Utilitarian pieces were our solution.

photo of utilitarian pants


Once spring 2021 arrived, we were ready for some sun and socializing. Preppy pieces like tennis skirts and sweater vests were just what we needed.

photo of preppy outfit

In years to come when we look back on the year, 2021 fashion trends will leap out of our IG feeds and photo albums. We wore what made us feel great and gave us joy. We hope you did too!

We’ll be back Thursday with more of our favorite 2021 fashion trends.


December 23, 2021 A Long Knit Dress Will Get You Through Winter

It’s officially winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to pack up all your dresses for the season. In fact, there is one dress that can take you through a frosty day looking great and feeling warm. Trust us on this: a long knit dress will get you through winter.

When you really think about it, a long knit dress is just another versatile layering piece to add to your toolbox of styling tricks. Select one that’s form-fitting and you’ll find it both keeps heat close to your body and slips easily under bulky coats and scarves. It even looks great with snow boots, tall boots, and combat boots. Don’t forget to try it with tights and leggings too.

Once spring rolls around and you’re shedding layers again, it will stay around for a few more months before summer returns. A seasonal success, for sure!

Take a look at some of the styling inspiration we found on Instagram for the long knit winter dress. Then, take a look at our Selling Guide to see even more trends we’re loving this season.

photo of person in knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress

photo of person in long knit dress


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December 21, 2021 Watch How to Sell Clothes at Crossroads

We definitely understand that selling your clothes to a secondhand fashion store like Crossroads Trading could sound intimidating. We personally know what it’s like to watch a buyer decide to select or pass on the pieces we bring in! So we thought maybe we could ease some fear by having you watch how to sell clothes at Crossroads with one of our dear friends: Mary of Hey Mary Elizabeth.

In this first video, Mary shares an actual walk-through of the selling process at her local store. You’ll see her check-in at the selling counter, discuss the process with the buyer, decide on whether she wants cash or store credit, and walk out with cash and a fabulous new find.

Did you finish that video and are now itching to sell your clothes? In this next one, Mary shares her 4 best tips for cleaning out your closet and choosing the items with the best chance of selling.

And finally, if you want to see Mary sell her clothes to Crossroads through a fun and funky Wes Anderson lens, there’s always this classic video!

We hope that once you watch how to sell clothes to Crossroads, you’ll feel more comfortable coming in to sell. No appointment is necessary, and you just need to be 18 or older. We have store locations across the country ready to welcome you, and a Sell by Mail option too. Thanks for watching!