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February 6th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Brands Leading The No Retouching Movement

Since 2014, Aerie, an American Eagle offshoot, has committed to not retouching their models and embracing body positivity and inclusiveness.

For their spring 2019 campaign, Aerie introduced the new #AerieREAL Role Models; Eight inspirational body-positive women, including actresses Busy Philipps, Samira Wiley, and Jameela Jamil, Paralympic medalist Brenna Huckaby, YouTuber Molly Burke, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, Iskra Lawrence, and poet and author Cleo Wade. Meet the women here.
Celebrities in body positive campaign.
Read below about more body positive brands that have committed to not retouching their campaigns.


Dove was the first brand to include women of all shapes and sizes sans Photoshop and has continued to empower body positivity.
Dove campaign featuring no retouching.


Who knew that we could love Target even more than we already did? Target discontinued model retouching in 2017 and has anyone else noticed that the mannequins have more realistic body shapes?
Target models in untouched photos.


ASOS models can be seen with stretch marks, tattoos, bruises and more. They quietly stopped retouching models in 2017 and have since stated on their website that they “do not artificially adjust photographs of models to change their appearance. When we retouch images, we do so to ensure the product in the image looks more like the real product, which usually involves aligning the colour more closely.”
Asos model wearing large brim hat.


ModCloth was the first retailer to sign the “Heroes Pledge For Advertisers,” in 2014 promising not to “change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features” of models in advertisements post-production. I can personally attest to this. I modeled for ModCloth during this time! I love that they hire “normal” women for their campaigns!
Modcloth model in close-up portrait.


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February 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: A Modern Take on Print Mixing

The forecast for spring and summer 2019 trends all have one thing in common: prints! Last year, fashion week proved that the louder, bigger, and bolder a print is, the more we will be seeing it for the upcoming season. Print mixing typically has had a reputation for only being for those who enjoy taking risks with fashion, but no matter your style, there is a way to mix prints without straying too far from your personal comfort level. I’ve gathered some inspiration below to inspire you to embrace print mixing, from modern minimalist to bold risk taker.

Combine Checkered Patterns

Combine different checkered patterns in a like color palette for a subdued modern take on the trend.
Blogger mixing checkered prints.

Pair With a Statement Blouse

Pair a printed statement blouse with a traditional print on the bottom for a playful take on the trend.
Blogger print mixing with a statement blouse

Stick to the Classics

Sticking to classic prints in black and white is a no fail way to mix your favorite prints.
Blogger wearing black and white patterns.

Invert The Color Scheme

An inverted color scheme is a perfect way to mix floral prints.
Blogger inverting color pattern.

Mix Your Stripes

You cannot go wrong mixing stripes; any color, any size, vertical or horizontal.
Blogger mixing striped prints.

Utilize a Statement Piece

Find your statement piece and choose a color from the pattern and find your second piece that focuses on that one color.
Blogger using floral prints to pair with polka dots.

Mix Your Accessories

For a more subtle try at the trend, grab an accessory with a contrasting print to your outfit.
Blogger using accessories for pattern mixing.

Find a Patchwork Piece

Not confident in your print mixing skills? Find a patchwork piece and let it do the work for you!
Blogger wearing patchwork piece.


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February 4th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Crossroads Trend Report: Cowboy Boots

You don’t have to be a country music star or on your way to a costume party to embrace one of this season’s hottest trends: Cowboy Boots. This trend first popped up on our radar during F/W 18 fashion week, where influencers and designers alike made western footwear look a whole lot more mainstream! On the streets of NYC, trendsetters swapped out their sneakers and heels for these Americana-styled boots and designers like Isabel Marant and Coach made it clear that the Wild West was definitely having a moment (and it still is!).

If you’ve been weary of trying out the trend for yourself, don’t fret, I was too! I actually snagged my first pair of already worn in, classic, black cowboy boots on a recent shopping trip at Crossroads and I am definitely on the bandwagon with this trend! There is something fun and a little bit nostalgic about throwing on a pair of good ol’ cowboy boots with a flirty floral dress or a classic pair of vintage denim! Not fully convinced you need a pair just yet? Go ahead and check out how these fashionistas styled their boots for some major inspiration!

Contrast with Pants

Let your boots be the star of your fit, by pairing them with contrasting bottoms and a classic tee.
Blogger wearing green pants with cowboy boots.

Boots and a Print Dress

Throw your boots on with a flirty small print dress for the perfect weekend brunch look.
Blogger wearing a printed dress with white cowboy boots.

Find Your Statement Boot

Make a statement with your cowboy boots this season by opting for a pair in a bold hue!
Blogger wearing brightly-colored cowboy boots.

Modernize Your Pair of Boots

Opt for a more modern take on this classic western style by adding a pair with a shorter silhouette to complete your fit.
Blogger wearing modern cut of cowboy boots.


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February 1st, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Friday Favorites: February 1st, 2019

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Store Finds

Ita found the most gorgeous rainbow stripe sweater at her local Crossroads and now I am dreaming of Spring!
Ita wearing pieces found at Crossroads.

Street Style Inspo

Emily slays in her beige layers. Did you see our post about how to style beige without being bland?
Emily wearing a beige overcoat on the street.

New Favorite Style Icon

How have I not discovered the amazingness of Lyn yet? She is proof that you can be fabulous at any age!
Lyn wearing a plaid jacket and yellow pants.

Best Dressed at The SAG Awards

As award season continues, the red carpet looks just get better and better! See all the best dressed here.
Actress at the SAG awards.

When Memes Become Fashion

Fashion house, Viktor & Rolf, took popular memes and printed them on Haute Couture dresses. Talk about making a fashion statement! Yes, I make dad jokes now. See the entire show below!

Vogue Runway’s #10YearChallenge

Vogue put together a #10YearChallenge of runway looks and it just proves that trends really are cyclical. See the side by side images here.

The Hollywood Issue

The 25th annual Vanity Fair Hollywood issue celebrates their milestone anniversary by creating a movie as its cover! Read about the celebrated celebrity talent and see the cover video here.

New Influencer AD Guidelines

If you follow any UK Influencers or Bloggers on Instagram, you may have seen that their advertising guidelines have been updated. Long story short: a photo containing an item from a brand the blogger has worked for, whether they paid for it, got paid for it, or it was gifted, has to be labeled AD. Read more about the guidelines here. Personally, I appreciate the transparency and wouldn’t mind if these guidelines were adopted by influencers worldwide.
New Ad influencer guidelines for social media.

Victoria Beckham Launches Reebok Collaboration

And now I have another reason to rock athleisure every day!
Victoria Beckham in workout clothes.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Reunite

My favorite moment this week comes from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reuniting during Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency and performing their award-winning duet from ‘A Star Is Born’, “Shallow,” live for the first time ever. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


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January 29th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways that Beige Doesn’t Have to be Bland

In the past year, we have seen vibrant colors take center stage: neons, coral, bold blues and pinks, so it’s a bit surprising that beige and brown has been such a focus of spring 2019 runway shows and trend reports. So how and why is this safe color tone competing with other playful and daring colors and trends? Beige can be used to complement stronger colors, bold fabrics, and textures. And because of all the saturated colors that have surrounded us in the last year, beige can now be used to stand out or make a statement in itself.
Take a look at some ways to style beige without feeling bland.

Mixing different shades of beige and browns will create a chic monochromatic outfit.

Blogger or a street corner wearing beige

Beige doesn’t have to mean boring; a playful print brings the safe color to a whole new level.

Blogger wearing animal print beige.

Accenting a bold color choice with a beige accessory or layer will subtly subdue your look.

Blogger pairing a beige overcoat with pink.

Unexpected fabrics, like silk or leather, add an unexpected refinement to beige and brown color tones.

Blogger wearing beige and copper dress.

Mixing different textures with different hues of beige add interest and define each layer of the outfit.

Blogger wearing brown and beige together.


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