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November 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Adapt Your Preppy Style for the Modern Age

The origins of preppy style originate from “preparatory schools,” private institutions synonymous with wealth, status, and typically, privilege and exclusivity, all of which are currently foreign to the modern fashion world. As with the traits of the origins of the style becoming outdated, so is the somewhat vanilla, minimalistic tailored style of the classic preppy visual. Update your preppy style for the modern age with simple layers and additions of edge and unexpected details, putting an eclectic spin on the classic silhouettes and buttoned-up style.

Step Up Your Plaid

Plaid has long been a staple of the classic preppy image. Revitalize your plaid and focus on unique colors and unexpected ways to wear the print, like Blair’s tailored plaid jumpsuit, to add a modern spin on a classic print.
Woman wearing full plaid suit as a preppy style.

Reinvent Your Cardigan

We’ve seen the traditional cardigan come a long way in terms of utility and style this past year. Wear it buttoned-up as a top or throw it over your shoulders for a modern twist on a conventional piece.
Blogger wearing preppy cardigan tucked in to denim.

Play With Fabrics

Styling conventional preppy pieces in traditionally edgy fabrics, like faux leather, will add a layer of interest to an otherwise classic outfit.
Woman brown button up and flowing trousers.

Add a Statement Piece

An eclectic piece adds a twist on the classic heir of preppy style.
Woman wearing preppy overcoat as a statement piece.

Unexpected Details

Whether with shoes, jewelry, layering pieces, or intricate details like stitching or studs, adding unexpected edgy details will add a modern twist to your preppy style.
Woman wearing simple blazer with preppy accessories.


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November 22nd, 2019 by Samantha Furno Layering 101: Stay Cozy, but Look Chic

With that winter chill in full force, the only way to survive the cold during these winter months is by layering. The act of layering is synonymous with the season.  Although it may seem like a chore when you’re getting dressed to brave the cold, consider layering as a thought-out part of your style routine instead and you’ll be sure to take your winter style to the next level! I’ve outlined 5 simple tips below that will ensure that you’re a layering master this winter season.

Start with a Stylish Base

When it comes to base layering, a turtleneck is a foolproof way to add a more classic element to any winter look this season.
Woman wearing cream colored outfit with layering turtleneck.

Hoodie & Jacket Combo

Comfortable hoodies will look instantly elevated when worn beneath a stylish jacket this winter season. Plus, you’ll be ready if you get caught in the rain as well!
Blogger layering cream jacket with white hoodie.

It’s All in The Accessories

Blanket scarves, pom-pom beanies, printed gloves; no matter what you choose to top off your cozy fit, you’ll be sure to be bundled to the max! Be bold and try something in a vibrant hue or even a trendy leopard print!
Woman wearing oversized scarf and leather purse.

Opt for a Vest

A vest is a fantastic alternative to a jacket or coat this winter, plus opting for one with a more tailored fit with polish off your fit beautifully.
Woman layering a flowy vest with high-waisted pants.

Double Up on Sweaters

Not only is an oversized sweater a must-have for any winter wardrobe, it is also a great option to throw on over a fitted sweater or two to ensure you’ll be as cozy as can be!
Woman layering oversized sweater as a base.


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Staff Style Spotlight: Cynthia

Photo of staff member Cynthia in yellow sweater with plaid skirt.

Meet Cynthia, a Crossroads Floor Supervisor. We asked employees at our Melrose Avenue store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photoshoot wearing their favorite Crossroads finds. Take a look at her photos and read about her style.

Triptych of cynthia and another staff member. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

I love the people: both co-workers & customers. The environment here allows you to express yourself in such an artistic way!

Tell us about a Crossroads find that got away.

There was a pair of Gucci sneakers that I have wanted forever! I was waiting to purchase them. Just as I made up my mind to get them, they sold!

Diptych of Cynthia smiling with another staff member.

What is your favorite winter trend?

I love coats! I love trench coats!

Staff member Cynthia in black overalls.

Top tips for selling at Crossroads?

Always look around and see if you like anything before choosing cash or trade when selling.

Diptych of Cynthia in black overalls.


Friday November 22nd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Friday Favorites: November 22nd, 2019

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Store Find

Kennedy puts together the perfect autumnal look with her Crossroads finds. Remember to share your favorite #CrossroadsFinds on Instagram!
Customer wearing Crossroads Finds for Friday post.

Street Style Inspo

Karen pairs classic silhouettes with modern print mixing.
Woman wearing patterned dress and jacket for Friday post.

Celeb Style Inspo

Celine Dion is bringing the style drama during her recent press tour. See all her best looks lately here.
Celine Dion posing in the mirror with a unique outfit.

The World’s Most Powerful Dresser

Lyst, a global fashion search engine, has found that in 2019 Meghan Markle has exerted the largest influence when it comes to searching for similar styles and social media mentions. “Meghan Markle was the most powerful dresser of 2019 and her outfits sparked, on average, a 216% increase in searches for similar pieces.” Read more about which specific looks Meghan wore that have sparked the most interest here.
Portrait of Mehgan Markle

2020 Grammy Nominations

The 2020 Grammy Nominations have been announced and Lizzo is leading the way with 8 nominations with Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X a close second, tied with 6 each. See the complete list of nominees here.
Photo of Lizzo performing for Friday post.

2019 Revolve Awards

The annual Revolve Awards honors the most influential fashion and beauty icons with awards like “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Breakout Ambassador of the Year.” See all the best looks here.
Photo of two celebrities holding Revolve awards.

2019 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

This is my first time hearing about the Tyler, The Creator founded event which was held for the 8th time in Los Angeles to celebrate a non-genre specific mix of rock and hip-hop, a Woodstock for Gen Z as it has been described. Of course with a festival, comes creative fashion. See the best fashions from the festival here.
Photo of concertgoer at Camp Flog Gnaw for Friday post.

Fashion? They’re Over It

The New York Times details the trend of dodging trends. The biggest trends we have been seeing lately are classic staple, no-fail pieces that can be mixed and matched together, almost as if the fashion industry has matured together.
Photo of woman wearing brown neutrals.

Condé Nast Signs the UN Initiative

Condé Nast is the first media outlet to sign the UN Fashion for Global Climate Action Initiative, aiming to become more sustainable starting with its packaging, seeking to eliminate the use of plastics or to replace it for recycled and natural alternatives. Read more about the important move for the media outlet here.
Photo of the office of Conde Nast

Celeb Flashback Friday

Diane Keaton may refer to herself as Bozo the Clown when posting this flashback but all I can think of is fashion innovator!
Flashback Friday post of Diane Keaton


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November 20th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Items You Need to Complete Your Holiday Party Look

As crazy as it seems, the holidays are already right around the corner again! Whether you’re style is more classic chic or if you verge more on the statement-making side of things, one thing is for certain, holiday parties are a blast and getting dressed up for such festivities is all a part of the fun as well! There is no reason to hold back with your style this time of year, as the holidays are for bold, eye-catching looks with a hint of glamour! I’ve rounded up five trendy styles that will surely pull together your holiday looks just in time for a night out celebrating!

Evening-Ready Bag

Add a pop of color to an all-black ensemble with a deep maroon clutch or opt for a stylish bag with unique hardware, such as shiny metals or pearls instead.
Woman holding a furry bag with dress for holiday party idea.

Sequin Anything

The more bling, the better with this beloved holiday trend. Sequins are the simplest way to guarantee you’ll be stepping out in eye-catching look!
Woman wearing sequin dress for holiday party inspiration.

Silk Slip Dress

Shiny silk dresses are a chic alternative to sequins this time of year! Plus, slip dresses look wonderful layered beneath a kitschy holiday sweater or a chic leather jacket!
Woman wearing neutral colored silk slip dress with silver bag.

Festive Heels

2019 has truly been the year of stylish and fun footwear, so why not step up a holiday party fit with some strappy metallic heels or a crystal embellished stiletto?!
Woman wearing simple t-shirt and jeans with bright heels for holiday party looks.

Hair Accessories

Keep it sparkly from head to toe by topping off your holiday outfit with a glitzy headband or even a couple of bold barrettes!
Woman wearing hair wrap as an accessory for holiday party idea.


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