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Styling Classic Menswear Looks from Decades Past

The concept of menswear that we know today has drastically evolved over the years. With the growing popularity of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces, it’s a must that one knows how to style iconic pieces. However, building an outfit that captures the trends of a certain time can be a trying task. We’ve got you covered! Here are some ways to put a modern spin on styling classic menswear looks from decades past.

The 50’s

Incorporate denim and leather into your look to complete the 50’s rebel fantasy!

Styling Classic Looks from the 50's Decade

The 60’s

For a 60’s look, focus on the color palette. Menswear at the time saw the rise in browns, tans, and yellows.

Styling Classic Looks from the 60's Decade

The 70’s

A relaxed and colorful fit makes a 70’s day look work. For the night, turn up the flair with a silk scarf, patterned shirt, and some high-waisted pants.

Styling Classic Looks from the 70's Decade

The 80’s

An 80’s outfit requires neon and patterns! Bust out the ugly sweaters and throw on your loudest colored jacket.

Styling Classic Looks from the 80's Decade

The 90’s

It’s all about baggy for the 90’s. A classic 90’s outfit warrants a little drowning in your clothes!

Styled Look from the 90s

Vintage pieces not only have the power to completely transport one back in time, but there is a story to every item. This highlights the importance of recycling fashion because it helps preserve the past. Now you too can keep the past alive with your expanded knowledge on styling classic menswear looks from decades past!

Inspired to style a great vintage outfit? Visit your local Crossroads to shop a hand-picked selection of great vintage finds. Find your nearest location here.



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February 25, 2021 The One Piece You Need for Spring and Summer

This is the one piece you need for spring and summer: a basic white button-up shirt. It can be found at multiple price points, from budget to luxury, and it never goes out of style. Find a favorite and it will carry you from year to year.

Its “secret sauce” is that it has so much versatility. It looks as good with leather pants as cut-off denim shorts. Pack it for your vacation and you can plan to wear it out to dinner or to the pool as a cover-up. It’s a match for both pants and skirts, you can layer it under and over pieces, you can wear it unbuttoned or buttoned, and you can even tie it to crop its length. Scroll down to see its versatility in action.

Relaxed with Jeans

Photo of girl taking selfie

As a Layering Piece

Photo of woman in white shirt

With a Full Skirt

Photo of woman in white shirt and skirt

With Leather Pants

Photo of woman in white shirt

Unbuttoned and Tied

Photo of woman in white shirt and leather pants


Photo of woman in white shirt and jeans

To Anchor a Designer/Casual Blend

Photo of woman in white shirt and jeans

Mark my words, this is the one piece you need for spring and summer. I personally look for crisp lightweight cotton ones that only need a low-heat iron and dry quickly when hand-washed during travels. We’d love to see your favorite choices, so tag us @crossroadstrading to share. Or, are you on the hunt for your own perfect button-up? Stop into any of our store locations to find yours. We even sort our racks by style, color and size to make it easier!


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February 23, 2021 How to Start a Fashion Career

Have you been wondering about how to start a fashion career? If you’re passionate about fashion and eager to explore a career in this field, you should know that Crossroads provides aspiring fashion buyers, designers, and marketers with valuable skills. Many of our store employees have grown into management roles within the company or continued on to other exciting fashion careers.

Here are just some of the career skills that our store employees learn and develop in our stores.

Fashion Buying

Many of our employees join our teams to learn specifically about how a company buys clothing. Our buyers are formally trained on how to evaluate and price clothing based on label, style, and condition. Along the way, they learn the most popular styles and brands on the market, including smaller boutique brands and designers just hitting the scene.

Photo of girl evaluating a dress

Photo of employee at buying counter

Visual Merchandising

Our employees develop visual merchandising skills by assisting with sales floor and window displays.

Photo of employee next to sales rack

Photo of store window display

Fashion Marketing

For those with an interest in fashion marketing, each store designates a marketing liaison to photograph store pieces and post them to our regional Instagram accounts. All store employees have the chance to cooperate in these projects by modeling, shooting photos, or pulling pieces to style.

Employee holding designer bag

Photo of stylish girl

Photo of styled outfit

Designer Authentication

Our store buyers are trained how to authenticate designer pieces from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Alexander Wang.

Photo of Gucci bag

Photo of girl with designer handbag


Our employees have the opportunity to work closely with others who are inspired and drawn to fashion too. Plus, our store teams have a lot of fun!

Photo of store team

Photo of store team

On top of all this, our employees get a store discount. Imagine the closet upgrade! If our advice on how to start your fashion career has sparked your interest in working at Crossroads, we welcome you to learn more on our careers page or view our most current job postings here.


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February 18, 2021 The Best Winter to Spring Shoe Trend

Your boots have been keeping up all winter, but with a little more sunlight each day you’re ready to talk about the best winter to spring shoe trend aren’t you?

Well it’s super simple, you’ll love that we’re giving you the thumbs up for it, and you probably already own what you need. Ready? It’s wearing socks with loafers.

It makes perfect sense: your leather loafers are swift when hitting the pavement, but a pair of socks will ensure extra warmth until we’ve reached those warmer days ahead. The best part? This look works with cropped pants, skirts and shorts too. Take a look at our inspiration photos below.

Wearing the Best Winter to Spring Shoe Trend

photo of loafers with socks

Photo of man wearing loafers with socks

Photo of woman wearing loafers with socks

Photo of loafers with socks

Photo of woman wearing loafers

Photo of loafers with socks

Where to Shop for the Best Winter to Spring Shoe Trend

If you already own a pair of loafers, then you’re all set. But if you need to find some for your closet, our stores carry everything from popular mall brand loafers to designer ones. Below is just a sampling of what I found looking through our regional Instagram feeds.

Photo of loafers

Photo of loafers

Photo of loafers

Photo of loafers

Photo of loafers

Photo of loafers

We want to see how you style your loafers with socks looks! Tag @crossroadstrading on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our company feed.


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February 16, 2021 9 Ways to Wear an Hermes Scarf

If you’re building an investment piece wardrobe, it’s likely that an Hermes scarf is on your list. It’s one of the best treasure hunt pieces to find in a resale store like Crossroads! Once you get your hands on one– or a similar large silk scarf with as much versatility– try these 9 ways to wear an Hermes scarf.

1. Old Hollywood

The Old Hollywood Way to Wear an Hermes Scarf
Step 1: Fold it in half into a large triangle and tie it under the chin. Step 2: Add a pair of your biggest sunnies. Step 3: Pretend you’re walking to your convertible for a drive along the coast.

2. As a Belt

The Belted Way to Wear an Hermes Scarf
Keep the rest of the look casual–jeans and a t-shirt work perfectly here–and weave the scarf through your belt loops for a fresh approach to a belt.

3. Loose Wrap

The Loose Wrap Way to Wear an Hermes Scarf
Loosely wrap the scarf around your next once, similar to how you’d wear a traditional winter scarf.

4. To One Side

The To One Side Way to Wear an Hermes Scarf
There are two ways to get this look: tie the scarf around a low ponytail or wrap the scarf once around your neck. Either way, leave one side of the scarf much longer than the other and pulled over one shoulder.

5. With Leather

The Way to Wear an Hermes Scarf with Leather
A traditional piece like an Hermes scarf looks even better when it’s worn in unexpected ways. Opt for a leather motorcycle jacket instead of a riding blazer.

6. Multi-Wrapped

In this style, it’s wrapped several times around the neck with a small knot to finish. We like how the vintage clip-on earrings make the look even more dramatic.

7. Loose Knot

The mood you’re going for is nonchalant. The knot is below the neckline and a little imperfect.

8. Headband

An Hermes scarf looks amazing as a head wrap, and the headband style is the easiest one to perfect.

9. Giant Bow

Tie a bow and then fluff out the sides for an exaggerated and fun look.

With our 9 ways to wear an Hermes scarf, did we convince you to add one to your wardrobe capsule? Follow our Instagram feed to watch for Hermes and other scarf arrivals in our stores, and learn more about how consignment works at Crossroads.


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