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August 13th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Trend Alert: Unexpected Color Combinations

The best part about fashion and personal style is experimenting. Experimenting with color, patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes are what creativity in fashion is all about and how we can continue to push the envelope and develop new ideas. It took me a long time to be comfortable with pairing unexpected or clashing colors together, even at the same time loving bold looks on Instagram, but once I found a few new combinations that refreshed my wardrobe, I was hooked! Take a look at 4 unexpected colors trends and how to style them for the fall season.

Green & Purple

The trick to pairing these two seemingly opposite colors is to pair their pastel counterparts together.
Woman on a bench wearing a color combo of green pants and purple shirt.

Black & Brown

The two neutrals were formally considered controversial to pair but it has come to be accepted that the two complement each other in a sophisticated way.
Woman wearing a color combo of brown pants and black shirt.

Red & Orange

These two bold colors would typically butt heads, but wearing a muted brick with a burnt orange creates the fall color palette you’ve been searching for.
Woman wearing orange jacket with red pants and accessories.

Brown & Yellow

Neutrals and vibrant colors are a match made in Heaven. Yellow brightens up the brown tone without being too overpowering.
Woman combing yellow pieces with a brown jacket and accessories.

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May 12th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Fresh Faces to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is without a doubt, the primary platform for all things fashion. I definitely find myself gaining a plethora of style inspiration while scrolling through the gram and I just love when I come across a new style muse to follow! Lately, I’ve been following some fresh and fashionable faces and their style is simply too good not to share with you! Here are a few fresh accounts, you won’t be sorry about clicking that “follow” button for!


Meet Victoria, a.k.a. Vic. Reigning from NY, Vic is a style and beauty guru who’s a master at keeping things effortlessly cool in the style realm. Not only do I follow her for her amazing style, but also because she sprinkles a bit of wellness onto her feed, which is nice for mixing things up!
Photo of "fresh faces" blogger outside in the sun.


Milano-based designer, Valentina Romero’s Instagram feed is a pastel dream! She has a keep eye for detail and knows how to mix timeless vintage details into any outfit. Plus she is not afraid of being bold with her style choices, which is super refreshing!
Photo of Valentina as an idea of fresh faces, in cardigan.


Amy is a jet-setting model who chronicles her travels, editorials and seriously chic outfits on her Instagram page. Her beautiful images and perfectly styled looks remind me of something straight out of a high fashion magazine and I find myself hitting the ‘save’ button for almost everything this beauty posts!
Fresh faces blogger in summer dress outside near a brick wall.


Antonio is a lover of bold colors, loud patterns and is not afraid to break some fashion rules with his unique style approach! Whether he is traveling around Italy or walking around his NY neighborhood, I can always count on his Instagram account for some fresh style inspiration.
Blogger outside near the coast in patterned top and flip flop sandals.


Grece is living proof that there is no age limit when it comes to being a fashionista. This personal trainer turned fashion blogger mixes high-end designer pieces with more affordable everyday items and has the ability to make any outfit fun, fresh and totally chic!
Blogger sitting on a rental bicycle in patterned top.

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August 8th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 8 Celebrity Closets to Inspire Your Wardrobe

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is never complete without a closet full of designers bags, shoes, and enough clothes to wear multiple outfits a day without repeating an article of clothing during a season. From over the top glamour to personal mini shopping malls, be inspired by the closets of our favorite stylish celebrities and prepare to daydream about the day that you can turn your spare bedroom (or two!) into your personal fashion haven.

Mariah Carey

The ultimate dive shares her impressive closet that includes a separate room specifically for lingerie because no matter how many designer pieces she collects, her favorite thing to wear is a little lacy or sparkly number.

Jennifer Lopez

Get a glimpse of the triple threat’s envious closet! Complete with a glam room and that infamous Versace dress from The Grammy’s. This closet peak is 4 years old, so I can only imagine what J.Lo has done to update her little piece of Heaven!

Kendal Jenner

Kendal Jenner takes Vogue on a 360-degree tour of not only her closet but also her separate fitting room!

Khloe Kardashian

The middle Kardashian sister has a separate closet simply for her activewear. This closet shows off her multitude of sneakers, activewear, and workout accessories creating the ultimate fitness inspiration that no doubt reminds her never to skip her workouts.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo gives a tour of her two (yes, two!) extremely organized closets that a girl can only dream of.

Tyra Banks

The supermodel’s closet is something out of a museum! This pristine closet has every style, shoe, and accessory that you can imagine.

Paris Hilton

Stars, they’re just like us and keep sentimental clothing! Paris Hilton takes us through her denim collection and down memory lane, reminiscing about her favorites from her teenage years to The Simple Life days.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has an entire room dedicated to his sneaker collection, complete with monogrammed hardwood and a ladder that glides amongest the tall shveles.

August 7th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Ways to Wear Pastel Late in the Summer

Typically, pastel colors would instantly remind me of the spring season; however summer ‘19 is proving that these soft and muted colors are not a one season color story! From baby pinks to sky blues, pastels are the perfect hues to compliment summer neutrals, such as whites or tans. Also noteworthy, pastels are also right on trend with the 90’s revival that has been dominating the fashion world in 2019! Here are five late summer looks that incorporate these candy-colored hues and some fresh tips that on how to incorporate these hues into your own outfits!

Seek an On-Trend Piece

Opting for a totally trendy style in a pastel hue ensures you’ll be looking (and feeling) like a fashionista all season long. Just look at those gorgeous pearl buttons too!
Woman wearing blue pastel sweater against white backdrop.

An Accessory to Match

Go ahead and have some fun with these soft colors by mixing and matching them with pastel colored accessories, like a hat or a purse! Side-note, tie-dye makes it easy to incorporate pastels into any look too!
Woman sitting outside with a pastel hat.

Blend with Neutrals

Like I mentioned above, pastels look excellent with summer neutrals. The trick is to find a pastel hue that compliments your neutrals rather than clashing with them!
Man wearing patterned top with neutral bottoms and t-shirt.

Monochromatic from Head to Toe

Wearing a single pastel hue from head to toe will ensure that your look will be absolutely striking, even though the hue is muted!
Woman wearing a full pastel suit with white t-shirt.

Multiple Hues

Sometimes, it’s fun to dive right into a trend and make it the boldest part of your outfit!
Woman wearing a bright multicolored dress outside.

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August 6th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Trends to Retire This Fall & How to Replace Them

We all know that trends are cyclical, so it’s only natural that we reassess them as much as each new season because that is when we tend to update and clean out our wardrobe the most. There is nothing wrong with loving a trend so much that it becomes an everlasting staple in your rotation, just as there is nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon of a trend and abandoning it as soon as the novelty wears off.
As we head into fall, we are naturally seeing a turnover of trends and what’s going to be favored for the new season. It seems as though the most popular trends of the year are being set aside for updated versions and I must say that although I have been loving what we have seen this past year, it’s refreshing to see the updated styles for a new season.

Try Snakeskin Instead of Leopard Print

Leopard print has had a prominent revival this year, and not that we don’t love it, but the time has come to replace it with the newest animal print trend: snakeskin. This chic trend has slowly been outshining leopard print and is predicted to completely eclipse the summer trend come fall.
Woman wearing snakeskin blouse with blue denim for fall.

Give Your Skinnies a Break & Dive Into Bootcut Jeans

Skinny jeans will forever be a favorite go-to, but come fall we will be seeing bootcut jeans everywhere. They are perfect to pair with your favorite fall booties, no tucking or adjustments needed.
Woman wearing denim bootcut jeans with a blazer for fall.

Swap Pointed-Toe Footwear for Square Toe

Give your feet a bit more room by swapping out your well-loved pointed toe shows for chic square toe booties and flats.
Woman wearing khakis and boots outside for fall.

Trade Vibrant Coral For Cool Pistachio

Although it has been hailed as the color of the year, coral is swiftly being challenged by a must softer, yet still bold, pistachio color pallet.
Woman wearing pistachio-colored jacket and sunglasses.

Replace Your Bold Prints with Classic Prints

The tie-dye craze was cool for summer but come fall, we will be seeing more minimal and classic prints, like small, dark floral prints over louder prints.
Woman wearing black with a dark green jacket for fall inspiration.

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