Blog: Crossroads Style

June 30, 2023 by Zackery Stehr Celebrating San Francisco Pride

Pride 2023 was in full swing in San Francisco this past weekend, with the parade and other celebrations bringing out Queer/LGBTQ+ folks and allies alike to the city. As the last days of Pride come to an end, we asked some of our Queer/LGBTQ+ team members from our Fillmore location that are celebrating at San Francisco Pride to reflect on what Pride means to them and how they show it.


Harlowe taking a mirror picture wearing all black clothing

Photo courtesy of Harlowe Noralez.

For Harlow Noralez (she/her), Pride means not being afraid to be your authentic self and showing it by being as loud and visibly Queer as possible. For Pride this year, Harlow wore an array of colorful outfits. One of her outfits included red sweatpants, a chainmail bralette, and a rainbow cardigan.

“I’m excited to see all the Queers out, happy and mingling,” Harlow said, “Just seeing everyone all excited.”


Bella wearing a purple skirt and white tee

Photo taken by Zachary Stehr.

This is Bella Zurbuch’s (she/her) first Pride being out and in San Francisco with her partner. For Bella, Pride means being courageous with Queer expression in her way and being open about her identity. She said that Pride makes her happy because she gets to be surrounded by other Queer people and build a community of support. For Pride this year, Bella wore pink, blue, and purple to represent the Bi flag.

“I’m feeling supported by not only my Queer community but by people who are important to me who are straight,” Bella said. 


Analicia wearing a vest, yellow shirt and white maxi skirt

Photo courtesy of Analicia Parish.

For Analicia Parish (they/them), Pride isn’t only a time to celebrate but also a time to prioritize and uplift Queer voices at a time when Queer people all over the world are being silenced. They said it’s important to reflect on the history of riots and protests that Pride originated from in the 1960s. 

They show Pride through their fashion, being open with their gender expression, and connecting with the Queer community via social media. For Pride this year, Analicia wore a purple bikini, a yellow muscle tee, with the phrase, “I don’t care what the Bible says,” white bloomers and white cowboy boots to represent the nonbinary flag.

“This is my second time being out at Pride,” Analicia said. “I’m most excited to feel comfortable in my own identity at Pride this year and share that with other people.”