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August 9, 2022 The Earth Tone Fashion Trend

The earth tone fashion trend is a regular visitor to the fall season, and it’s one of the trends that appear in our latest seasonal selling guide. It’s the perfect match for a season where nature is absolutely vibrant in color.

Traditionalists consider the earth tone palette one that emerges strictly from brown, but we’re fans of the more open definition where any nature tone is included. Along with rust and pumpkin colors, we love plum purple, slate gray, sky blue, and moss greens.

All of these tones are subtle and soft, and even better in lightweight knits. We also like to look for them in corduroy, linen, and silk.

Let us show you a few earth tone fashion looks that we think capture the trend, and then head over to our fall selling guide to see what else made the latest list.

Even better, show us your earth tone pieces by tagging us @crossroadstrading.

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in short jumper

The earth tone trend falls under the homestead chic category of fashion inspiration that we’re selling and looking for this season. Take a look at what that means. And if you missed the news, we’re now buying for fall! Visit any of our stores to sell the gently-used pieces you no longer love.


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