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December 7, 2021 Quiz: The Fashion Career of Rachel Green

After finishing the 10 seasons of Friends for quite possibly the twentieth time, I finally realized there was an amazing trajectory in the fashion career of Rachel Green. In fact, once she left waitressing, she held 5 fashion jobs before Season 10 ended. (Although, we all know that last one didn’t really start once she got off the plane to Paris).

Quiz time for all you Friends fans: can you remember all 5 of the fashion jobs she had?

If you didn’t remember them all, here you go:

1. Personal Assistant at Fortunata Fashions

Joey helped her get her foot in the door, although this job turned out to be more coffee-making than fashion-related.

2. Assistant Buyer at Bloomingdale’s

When Rachel meets Mark while visiting Monica at her diner job, he helps her get a job at Bloomingdale’s.

3. Personal Shopper at Bloomingdale’s

When Rachel’s boss, Joanna, dies suddenly after giving Rachel a promotion, Rachel actually ends up demoted to a personal shopper.

4. Coordinator of the Women’s Collection at Ralph Lauren

After racking up years of experience at Bloomingdale’s, Rachel works herself up to an executive position at Ralph Lauren.

5. Executive at Louis Vuitton

After being fired from Ralph Lauren for taking an interview with Gucci, a chance meeting with Mark gets her hired at Louis Vuitton in Paris.

How did you do?

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