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February 2, 2021 Find Your Favorite Style of Flared Jeans

There are some things so good they always find their way back on the list of latest trends, and flared jeans are one of them. You’re probably already familiar with the rotation: skinny jeans to straight-leg jeans to flares. Now that they’re back on top of the trend list, it’s an excellent time to find your favorite style of flared jeans. Here are the 3 best styles to consider.

1. Boot-Cut Flare

Boot-cut flares are the best choice for those who love to wear combat boots and booties. They give you a little extra room at the ankle and draw attention to those great boot styles.

Boot Cut Jeans in Black

Girl in Boot Cut Jeans

Girl in boot cut flared jeans

2. Cropped Flare

If you love to show off your shoes, then opt for the cropped flare. They are an especially good match with strappy heels and sandals.

Photo of high rise cropped flare jeans

Girl in Cropped Flare Jeans

Cropped jeans

3. Wide-Cut Flare

If your style leans towards vintage and retro, then wide-cut flares have your name on them. The bigger the flare, the more they evoke the popular look of the 70’s.

Girl in Wide Flare Jeans

Did we help you find your favorite style of flared jeans? Which did you pick? Let us know which one you chose by sharing a photo on Instagram.


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