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June 1, 2023 How to Sell Unwanted Clothes on the Spot

If you’re wondering how to sell unwanted clothes you just cleaned out of your closet, you’ve come to the right place.

Some people may direct you to websites like eBay, or one of the numerous selling apps, but the fact is you probably want those clothes off your hands right away. And we’re in agreement if you think creating an online listing for every piece of clothing (with photos, measurements, and descriptions) sounds like too much work.

Enter Crossroads, where any day of the week you can walk into one of our stores and sell your clothes on the spot. No appointment is necessary, and you can even use our waitlist app to add your name to our selling list before you leave home.

photo of resale buyer

Trained in-store buyers assess each piece of clothing and select what to buy from you. You’ll earn 50% store credit or 30% cash of what they price the item for.

To have the best luck at selling, check out the seasonal selling guide ahead of time to learn what stores are currently looking for. Then, remove any damaged or stained items from your unwanted clothing assortment so buyers can focus on your best pieces.

Photo of Crossroads store

Our stores are ready to assist you with those pre-loved fashion pieces that no longer fit your style. Find your closest Crossroads store to get started. Don’t live near a store? Try our Sell by Mail program instead.