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November 21, 2023 Styling a Lace Skirt for the Holidays

Owning a lace skirt makes our holiday looks that much easier to style. This classic fashion piece is anything but one note. It strategically pairs well with multiple pieces and can be worn casually or as evening wear.

Take a look at some of the ways we like to style them during the busy holiday event schedule.

With Boots & a Bomber

A lace skirt gets even more interesting when paired with casual pieces like boots, graphic tees, and oversized jackets like a bomber.

woman wearing long cream-colored lace skirt with black cowboy boots, graphic tee, and khaki bomber jacket

With a Classic Blouse or Button Down

Pair a lace skirt with a blouse or button down to make it office ready. Add a great structured handbag to finish the look.

woman wearing a pink bow blouse with a purple lace skirt

Ballet-Inspired with a Bodysuit

Add instant balletcore glam with a bodysuit and heels. Go monochrome for the full effect.

woman wearing a black bodysuit with long black lace skirt and high heels

With a Blazer

A blazer will easily carry this winter look from office to evening.

woman with a black overlay skirt, black top, and beige blazer

Paired with a Soft Sweater

Pretty lace and a soft sweater are a delightful pair! You can even add sneakers to this look to make it weekend-ready.

woman wearing a moss green v-neck sweater over a cream-colored rose-cut bottom

Matched with a Lace Top

Go all in by finding a complementary top.

woman wearing navy and black with high heels

We’ve officially entered the holiday season and changing up our wardrobe to meet the occasion. Stop into any of our stores to find your holiday looks, and if you’d like to sell your clothing for holiday cash or store credit, check out our selling guide for all the trends, styles, and labels we’re looking for this season.


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