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September 14, 2023 5 Ways to Wear an Oversized Graphic Tee

An oversized graphic tee is one of the seasonal trends we added to our latest selling guide, which highlights the styles, labels, and trends we’re eyeing.

Whether you have one in your closet, or looking to pick one up in our stores, here are 5 ways we like to style them.

1. With Biker Shorts

We’re still grabbing this quick and easy look for our dashes out the door. It’s so comfy and easy to style with a necklace and crossbody bag. This look makes Saturday errands look stylish.

woman with sunglasses, oversized graphic tee, and biker shorts

2. As a Mini Dress

An oversized tee can sometimes be pulled off as a mini dress. If this is the case with yours, take advantage! We like to pair this look with boots.

woman in oversized graphic tee with knee-high white boots and cowhide handbag

3. With Baggy Jeans

Some days, we’re all in when it comes to baggy, so we add baggy jeans with our oversized tees. We like how this look adds some silhouette contrast with fitted arm warmers and a beanie.

woman wearing a t-shirt and baggy black jeans

4. With Wide-Leg Trousers

There is room for your oversized t-shirt in your work wardrobe! Wear it with this season’s popular wide-leg trousers.

woman earing a t-shirt tucked into black trousers, with white sneakers and sunglasses

5. Off the Shoulder

A really oversized shirt has a wide neckline that will hang off the shoulder. Go with it!

woman earing an off-the-shoulder t-shirt with distressed jeans and sunglasses

We want to see how you style oversized graphic tees too. Share and inspire by tagging us with your look on Instagram @crossroadstrading. You may find yourself featured on our brand feed! Until then, stop into any of our stores to find your fall favorites.


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