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September 28, 2023 3 Types of Platform Shoes We’re Shopping

We’re still adding platform shoes to our closets! They’re chunky and so reminiscent of 90s and Y2K fashion. We love them so much that we even included them in our latest seasonal selling guide.

Your mind might bring up just one pair of platform shoes you know, like a platform loafer, but there are several different styles to consider. Here are 3 styles we’re currently shopping for.

1. Boots

Platform boots always catch our eye. They’re perfect with dresses and shorts, where you can really show them off.

woman wearing a black dress and black boots

woman wearing all-black outfit with tall boots

2. Sneakers

We like to wear platform sneakers with wide-leg jeans and flared pants. We usually look for ones in stand-out colors, but a pair in classic white can be versatile too.

Woman wearing a pink outfit with pink platform shoes

woman wearing white platform shoes with jeans and tank top

3. Sandals

Probably our favorite style, platform sandals are an easy way to bring the trend into your current looks. They look especially great with this season’s wide-leg trousers.

woman wearing tall white sandals

woman wearing platform shoes in a thong sandal style

Platform shoes will always have a special place in our hearts, and we want to see how you wear them. Tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading with your look (bonus points for ones found at Crossroads!), and you may be featured on our brand feed.


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