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September 22, 2022 5 Punk Fashion Pieces to Try

So you want to give punk fashion pieces a try, but you’re not ready to rock the look head-to-toe. We’ve been there. Sometimes, you just want to mix a little punk influence into your individual style.

We’ve picked 5 punk fashion pieces that you can bring into any of your outfits to give them some underground edge. Choose one or two for your #ootd and you’ll find yourself feeling just a tad rebellious. Let’s call this your punk fashion starter kit.

1. Black Leather Jacket

This is the staple of punk fashion and one of those investment pieces you’ll have for a lifetime.

person wearing punk fashion

2. Fishnetting

You can find yourself the classic fishnet top, or start with some fishnet stockings. Tears are optional but add to the look.

person wearing punk fashion

3. Punk Band or Statement Tee

Visit your favorite secondhand store for a vintage punk band tee, or find a tee that makes a statement.

person wearing punk fashion

4. Plaid Skirt

Look for a plaid skirt in dark colors like burgundy or forest green. Short or long skirts work for this look.

person wearing punk fashion

5. Combat Boots

Complete the look with combat boots or platforms. We love lace-up boots and platforms with chunky hardware.

Person holding black combat boots

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