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January 13, 2022 You Asked: Can I Sell My Clothes Online by Mail?

For years you asked: can I sell my clothes online by mail? And yes, Crossroads offers a Sell by Mail program for the continental U.S.!

It’s really easy to use the service. You order a bag right here on our website (it’s free!), fill it with the gently used clothing you’d like to sell, and send it off. The bag even includes a pre-paid shipping label.

Crossroads receives your bag in about 5 days, the bag is processed by our buying team in about 4 weeks, and you then get paid that Thursday by Zelle e-payment.

The handy graphic below shows you the complete process.

Sell By Mail Graphic

When you order the bag, you can select if you want your unpurchased items donated or returned to you for a flat fee.

If you’ve never sold clothing in one of our store locations before, we highly recommend using our selling guide to learn about the types of items Crossroads is most likely to buy.

And if you’re new to Sell by Mail, we have a number of online guides to help you too.

Our 4 Best Tips for Sell by Mail

Sell by Mail: A Step by Step Guide

Ready to give it a try? Order your free bag here.