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August 22, 2023 The “Sell Your Clothes” App You’ll Want to Try

Search for a “sell your clothes app” and you’ll mostly come across marketplace apps where you upload and sell your clothes piece-by-piece.

But the Crossroads Trading waitlist app offers something completely different: the ability to arrange your visit to any of our stores to sell you clothes.

If you’ve ever sold clothes at Crossroads, you know you can drop into a store and sell your clothes on the spot. No appointment is necessary, and the buying hours run all day.

You do need to add your name to the selling waitlist, though, and wait for your turn to sell. So, here is where the Crossroads waitlist app comes in.

photo of app

With the app, you can check your local store’s status and see how many people are in line to sell. You can then add your name to the waitlist before you even leave home! By the time you arrive, you’ll be closer to your selling time, and you’ll even receive a text to notify you when it’s your turn.

Watch how easy it is:

We’re probably biased, but we think it’s the most helpful “sell your clothes app” out there. It’s time to give it a try!