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July 26, 2022 Fun Sporty Fashion Looks

Sporty fashion is the best; it’s casual, playful, and requires no athletic abilities.

Whether we’re heading back from the gym or not, we like the preppiness that accompanies sporty fashion.

It’s not difficult to style either! Let us share 5 pieces that define the trend and make it super simple to pull off.

Baseball Hat

Not only does a baseball hat look cool, but it covers up a bad hair day and offers sun protection for your face.

photo of person in baseball hat

Sweatshirt as a Dress

Why not try an oversized sweatshirt as a dress? Buy your sweatshirts a few sizes larger and wear them with short shorts and sneakers. We really love the tube socks in this look too!

photo of person in sweatshirt

Mix & Match Sweatsuit

Instead of matching a sweatshirt and sweatpants in the same color, mix them up and give a sweatsuit outfit more interest.

photo of person in sweats


A blazer, button-up, or tunic over yoga pieces make them ready for errands and lunch outings.

photo of person in activewear

Varsity Jacket

We are big fans of the varsity jacket. Throw one over anything. It looks great whether fitted or oversized.

photo of person in varsity jacket

With back-to-school fashion on the horizon, we think the sporty fashion trend should be on your shortlist for consideration. Any of these options should be tested in the coming weeks!

Also, stay posted for fall changes to our seasonal selling guide.


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