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March 9, 2021 The 4 Types of Clothing That Sell Best

We have the great joy of buying clothing from the public every day, so it’s a no-brainer for us to list the 4 types of clothing that sell best. Knowing these 4 types can help you sort your clothing before bringing them in to sell at any of our store locations.

1. The Essentials

Also known as “must-haves” and “go-to’s”, these are the pieces that everyone keeps in their closets all year round. Think black handbags, premium denim, and boots.

photo of a black handbag

Photo of high-waist jeans

photo of steel toe boots

2. The Unique

Unique items feel one-of-a-kind or exclusive. When you wear them, you stand out from the crowd as a trendsetter. These are the items that you wear and get oohs and aahs from your co-workers, friends, and even strangers on the street.

Photo of furry shoes

Photo of Converse

3. The Nostalgic

Nostalgic pieces are vintage pieces that take people to another time. The Esprit sweatshirt below is a prime example: I personally would have worn it every single day in the 6th grade. These pieces bring people joy because they’re attached to a special time or place. That’s why band tees fit perfectly into this category too.

Photo of Esprit sweatshirt

Photo of sweatshirt

4. The Dream Labels

The dream labels are well-known designer labels that are rare and special. They’re the gems that upgrade an entire look, get brought out for special occasions, and stick around in wardrobes for years. With higher price points, these items are often ideal for selling on consignment.

Photo of Chanel Bag

Photo of Givenchy Sweater

You should have a better idea now of the types of clothing that sell best. Ready to clean your closet and sell to Crossroads? We’re eager to get cash or store credit into your hands. Find your nearest store location, and we’ll see you soon!


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