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June 3, 2021 This Color Will Be Hot This Summer

Take it from us, this color will be hot this summer: hot pink. Along with the rising temperatures, you’ll notice an uptick of this popular bright in make-up and fashion. It’s no big surprise. With the current neon bright trend holding tight, hot pink just feels like it captures summer fun.

So dust off that CD player you forgot came with your car (hope you don’t find some old melted CDs in there), pick up the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, and rock hot pink allllllll summer long. Don’t forget to add it to your beauty routine too: we found a quick hot pink eye shadow tutorial just for you.

Scroll below to get some hot pink fashion inspiration truly underway. All of the pieces shown were found on our store racks.

photo of hot pink fanny pack

photo of neon men's shorts

photo of hot pink top

photo of hot pink purse

photo of hot pink backpack

We’re officially naming hot pink as the color that will be HOT this summer. You can see from the store finds above that we’re carrying it on our racks, and we’re looking to buy your on-trend, pre-loved hot pink pieces too. Did you know you can shop and sell in any of our store locations (except our Stockton outlet)? Click here to learn more.


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