Blog: Crossroads Style

September 21, 2021 We Love Your Crossroads Finds

We love your Crossroads finds. In fact, one of our favorite ways to pass the time is searching up #crossroadsfinds and going through the 8.7K looks you’ve shared with us. There is so much fashion inspiration to be found there.

Our in-store buyers work hard to fill our racks with pieces they think will excite and inspire our shoppers. So when we see you showing these pieces off, we’re thrilled! It’s like a little game of fashion matchmaker for us.

Below are some of the Crossroads finds that we stumbled upon in our last Instagram search. Notice how amazing everyone looks, and how they’ve weaved one Crossroads piece into their personal style.

While we’re on the topic of fashion matchmaking, do you love shopping for others or aspire to be a fashion buyer one day? How about in the sustainable fashion industry? We’re hiring and we’d love to talk to you. Learn more here, and before you know it, you’ll be matching our shoppers with their new favorite pieces too!

photo of person in black jacket

photo of person in black jeans and gray blazer

photo of person in pink dress and running shoes

photo of person in art gallery

photo of person in floral sundress

photo of person in denim mini dress

photo of person in khaki pants

Please keep tagging your #crossroadsfinds so we can see what you found in our stores.


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