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July 6, 2021 What is Joy Dressing?

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the last year has been a challenge. It’s no wonder we’re now emerging from it ready to hug, sing, travel the world, and follow new dreams. And in there, a fashion shift has emerged too, called joy dressing. What is joy dressing? We’re happy to tell you!

It’s simply a shift towards clothing that’s bright, colorful, and downright cheery. It’s the opposite of everything we wore at home the past year. Think candy colors, neon hues, and prints that POP.

Other trends fit in nicely into the joy category. Floral prints reign and there are lots and lots of nods to 90’s and Y2K fashion (Butterfly hair clips are back!).

Still trying to picture the art of joy dressing? Take a look at these outfits from our stores.

photo of person in bright floral dress

photo of person in bright yellow dress

photo of bright outfit

photo of person in bright orange dress


photo of person in bright colors

photo of person in bright blue dress with rainbow purse


photo of person in bright floral shirt

photo of bright plastic rings

What do you think of joy dressing? Does it sound like something you’ll try out this summer? If you find your closet in need of pieces that suit the trend, visit any of our stores to shop for bright and colorful motifs, from contemporary to vintage styles. Or, if you have pieces in your closet that you no longer love, bring them in to sell for cash or trade credit and get the pieces that do bring you joy!


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