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February 11, 2021 What To Look For In Authentic Chanel

Ah, Chanel. Coming across a piece is a thrill, especially in the resale world. However, if you aren’t purchasing directly from a Chanel boutique, you’ll want to know how to authenticate the piece. Let’s talk about what to look for in authentic Chanel pieces.

1. Perfection

Start with this attitude: Chanel is the gold standard of luxury fashion, so their reputation and high cost are tied to a superior product. That means that everything you examine next should look perfect.

2. Stitching

The stitch count is high on Chanel bags– there is no skimping here. Even in a vintage bag you’ll see the stitching has stayed tight. The lines are straight, and the quilt squares are exact in size.

Photo of Chanel Handbag

Photo of Chanel handbag

Photo of Chanel bag

Photo of girl with Chanel sunglasses

3. Flawless Stamping

A lot of care is taken to get the stamping just right. If imprinted, the stamp should have depth. Gold and silver imprints should be clear and easy to read. See some examples below.

Photo of Chanel stamping

Photo of Chanel Stamping

Photo of Chanel stamping

4. Heavy Hardware

Lightweight hardware is a dead giveaway that a Chanel piece is inauthentic. Chains should have weight, and even clasp locks should feel heavy when they’re turned.

Photo of Chanel bag

Photo of Chanel bag

Photo of Chanel Belt

5. Quality of Accompanying Materials

Even something as simple as the item’s box, cards or dust bag can be telling. Chanel extends their craftsmanship to everything, so confirm that all accompanying materials are as perfect as the item itself.

Photo of Chanel wallet

Photo of Chanel shoes

Photo of Chanel shoes

So there you have it: exactly what to look for in authentic Chanel pieces. If you enjoyed this guide, check out similar ones we did for Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coach. You can also follow our Instagram feed to see new pieces that come into our stores, or consign your designer item with us anytime.


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