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November 19, 2020 Why Secondhand Fashion Gifts Just Make Sense

The holidays this year will be different than any other we’ve seen, so maybe it’s time to consider another new thought: secondhand fashion gifts just make sense. Of course, the best reason of all is that it’s better for the environment, but have you considered any of these other reasons?

Sometimes Secondhand is Still New

Kate Spade Handbag and Wallet

Valentino Handbag

Many times, sellers bring us items that just never fit into wardrobe, and they still have tags on them! Your recipient will have no idea that you bought it secondhand.

You Can Upgrade Your Gift

Hermes Scarf

Sequin Jacket

Red Coat

At Crossroads, secondhand fashion items are sold at about a third of their original retail price. This means you can get so much more for your money! Your gift budget can be stretched to afford designer pieces, or allow you to upgrade your gift from a basic piece to a heavy-duty one like a jacket or coat.

They Can Be Vintage and Special

Vintage Levis Jacket

KAWS Uniqulo T-Shirts

We have nothing against another candle set or pair of slippers, but think how much more memorable your gift can be. Who wouldn’t want to receive a classic vintage Levis jacket or a special collection t-shirt?

We hope we’ve convinced you why secondhand fashion gifts just make sense. Keep them in mind this year as you start to make your shopping list. Make sure to follow our regional Instagram feeds too, so you can watch for special pieces that you know will be perfect for friends and family.


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