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August 30, 2022 The Perks of Working in Secondhand Fashion

Working in secondhand fashion has many perks you may have not thought of before. We rounded up a few of them here, and then encourage you to check out our careers page if these excite you!

A Discount on a Discount

Let’s start with one of the best perks for fashion lovers. Since secondhand fashion is usually priced around a third of original retail, getting an employee discount on top of that is pretty amazing! And if you’re working with a store that sells higher-end labels and designer brands, you’ll build yourself an incredible closet of clothes for a fraction of the regular cost.

photo of someone working in secondhand fashion

Learning About the Latest Styles

If you find yourself talking about the biggest trends this season, or your top 10 fashion labels, then we have lots of conversations for you. Our team works together to stay on top of the latest brands and styles that our shoppers want.

photo of people having a meeting

Working with Fashion People

Outside of the great trend debates, you’ll appreciate working with people who are passionate about secondhand fashion too. And in the case of Crossroads, you’ll meet people who are looking for sustainable ways to address fashion and the environment.

Fashion Merchandising

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about retail merchandising — think floor moves, floor displays, and window dressing– then working in secondhand fashion is especially fun. With so many one-of-a-kind pieces, you’ll learn creative styling at its best.

photo of people working in secondhand fashion

Social Media Marketing

Social channels are a popular way to market all types of businesses today, including secondhand fashion. In fact, Instagram feeds like @crossroadstrading are used to show customers the pieces that have just arrived in stores.

photo of person modeling an outfit

Learning How to Be a Clothing Buyer

A lot of fashion lovers dream of being a fashion buyer one day, and learning how to assess and price resale fashion pieces is an excellent place to start.

Sound like perks you want in your life? We have job openings!