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May 11, 2021 Your Summer Closet Needs Slides

With Memorial Day approaching, our closets are quickly evolving with summer in mind. It’s time for a little reminder: your summer closet needs slides.

Slides save the day as you run out the door for weekend errands and lunch with friends. They pair as easily with a baby doll dress as your jeans and shorts.

When looking through the Crossroads regional Instagram feeds (did you know we had those?), I found a number of pairs pulled from some of our store locations. They showcased an assortment of styles for men and women: slipper-style in gold satin, bedazzled with sequins, in designer brands like Versace and YSL, in simple leather, and in Mary Jane-style.

Keep scrolling to see for yourself and decide which pair you’d pick for your summer closet.

photo of gold satin slides

photo of black slides with bows

photo of Versace slides

photo of daisy slides

photo of baby doll dress with slides

photo of mary jane slides

photo of Yves Saint Laurent slides

You can always count on us for timely reminders about seasonal trends, like this PSA that your summer closet needs slides. We publish a convenient online selling guide that shows you the trends we’re currently buying and the trends you’ll want to add to your closet each season. Our buy-sell-trade shopping experience makes it so easy to keep your closet on-trend in a fun, affordable, and sustainable way. You can learn more here.


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