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October 25th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile How to Find the Perfect Fall Boots

Not all boots are created equal. Although they are universally flattering on all types of outfits and bodies, there are certain boot styles that are more flattering for your body frame.

I have always been one to wear whatever I want, however I want it, not basing my fashion choices on my body type. Don’t be daunted into thinking there are boots that you cannot or should not wear. These tips are just to help you look and feel your best in a pair of must-have fall boots.

For Shorter Legs:


Wear short ankle booties with a heel and choose boots that are a similar color to an element of your outfit to elongate the look.

For Muscular Legs:

fall boots

You’ve worked hard to sculpt those beautiful calves, and you deserve to show them off! Find a pair of short ankle booties with a wide opening, and opt for a heel and zippers over bulky buckles.

For Longer Legs

fall boots

You can definitely pull off those sleek tall and mid-calf boots. You can also let your natural tallness take center stage and give your feet a rest with a low or flat heel.

When Comfort is Key:


Choose round or flat toe boots to give your feet a bit more wiggle room. Your feet will be happy and you’ll be able to show off your boots a little longer without ending the day in soreness.

Of course, the best style is the one you love and feel comfortable in! What’s your go-to style of fall boots?

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October 21st, 2016 by Samantha Weaver Puffer Vests ARE Cool, and We Have Proof.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Puffer vests may be functional, versatile and super warm…but cool? NO WAY.

Well get ready for this, because puffer vests have moved up the fashion totem pole this season from basic to fashionable. We already know how to pair a puffy vest with a plaid shirt and knee high boots for a quick cold-weather outfit, but how do we bring real edgy fashion-forward looks into the mix? It’s simple:

1. choose a vest with less fill (it will still be warm!).

2. opt for a printed puffer vest instead of a classic solid color.

3. wear it like you would any other piece of outerwear! Sport it over pencil skirts, or with a midi dress, or belt it.

The styling opportunities are endless, so take a look at some of our favorite blogger looks and pick up our newest puffer vest at Crossroads this weekend!

Velvet by Spencer Graham Diedree Puffer Vest ($65) worn with Lumiere Sweater Dress ($38.50) and our Ringer Patch Tee ($14).

Try a spin on athleisure by pairing the Diedree vest with this Project Social hoodie and Zara knit culottes. Then finish the look with a hip bag!

Cozy up in a classic fall combo: your favorite crewneck sweater + our Diedree Puffer Vest + timeless skinny denim!

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October 14th, 2016 by Samantha Weaver Denim Inspiration from ‘Pretty Little Fawn’

Once fall arrived, I realized my denim game could use a much-needed upgrade. I knew exactly where to go for some serious denim inspiration: self-proclaimed denim junkie Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn, because she’s my personal denim guru.

A great pair of dark denim is the perfect beginning to any fall/winter outfit. Courtney and I both naturally gravitate towards high-waisted skinny cropped denim, but this season I’m equally attracted to cropped flares, edgy distressed, and vintage-inspired styles too!

Courtney’s denim motto (and ours) is “MORE DENIM. ALL DENIM ALL THE TIME,” so I picked out a couple of styles right off our sales floor featuring brands that she swears by, including BDG, Levi’s, Zara, and Madewell.

Come shopping at Crossroads to find your next great pair of denim!

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October 13th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile 5 Simple Tips to Build Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram allows bloggers to connect on a more personal level with their followers. Less staged than blog content and less casual than Snapchat, it’s the perfect middle child that gives followers just enough of a peek into a blogger’s real life. It’s what takes them from a follower to a fan.

That is what a blogger, brand, or anyone that is looking to expand their following is looking for: fans. Followers are fleeting, while fans typically develop brand loyalty and have the power to make a stronger impact. Are you looking to build your brand on Instagram? Or just looking to become Insta-famous? (Hey, no judgment here!)

I’ve scoured the Internet for the best Instagram brand-building tips and rounded them up for you below. Remember to thank the little people when you’ve hit it big with your first 100,000 (or more!) followers!


1. Keep it Simple


No worries if you don’t have a fancy camera or professional lighting set up—the biggest bloggers out there are simply using their iPhones. Look for even, natural lighting and a clean backdrop. You won’t even need a filter! If you do choose to use filters, only use one or two to let the natural beauty of your photo shine through.

2. Study Photographs

build your brand

You don’t need to go to photography school, but when you see a photo that you love, ask yourself what it is that you love about it. Is it the lighting, the subject, the framing, or something else? Focus on one or two details when you’re taking your next Instagram photo and see the difference it makes.

3. Consistent Posting


You can’t post once every couple of weeks and expect to gain a massive amount of followers. Posting relevant content three or four times a day will make followers notice you.

4. Engage and Reach Out


Take the time to find new accounts to follow and engage in their feed. Like their photos and leave meaningful comments. They will most likely return the favor. Also, use proper hashtags so that users can find you based on your content.

5. Utilize Statistics


Apps like Iconosquare can analyze your Instagram statistics and show you your most liked photos, most successful time of posting, most successful hashtags, etc. Use these statistics to better cater to your followers, current and future!

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October 11th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: Favorite Fall Blogger Looks

Fashion and style bloggers are so successful because we are able to see “normal” people (versus models and celebrities dressed by professional stylists, or magazine editors forcing their trend agendas onto us) and get inspired by attainable fashion. The majority of my everyday style inspiration comes from the hundreds of blogs that I follow.

I tend to need the most inspiration when the seasons transition. Fall is my favorite season for dressing, but the California weather holds off on cooling down a bit longer than other areas. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fall looks and style trends from bloggers to inspire all of us this new season!


Dylana Suarez, Dylana Suarez – The Leather Skirt

Leather adds some weight to your skirts before it gets too cold. Stray from the usual black or tan, and have fun with pattern and color.


Grasie Mercedes, Grasie Mercedes – The Lace Cami

Layer up with a lace cami for a subtlely sexy look this fall. Wear under a chic blazer like Grasie or your favorite leather jacket.

favorite fall

Danielle Bernstein,  We Wore What – Texture

Ribbed knits, cable knits, corduroy, and any other thick texture are the perfect way to add weight and interest to your fall wardrobe. I am loving Danielle’s corduroy overalls.

favorite fall

Christina Martinez, New Darling – Flats

In the last year, flats like loafers, slides, and sneakers have kicked heels out of the spotlight—and our feet could not be happier. Christina shows us a simple, chic way to wear your flats for the perfect Fall look.


Tine Andrea, Fashion Eaters – The Cropped Trouser

Wide leg or skinny, the cropped trouser (or jean!) is the perfect chic outfit detail.


Jacky, Whaelse – The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket continues to be the “it” jacket of the season, and it’s the perfect layer for this transitional, temperamental weather.


Tara Gibson, Jimmy Choos & Tennis ShoesFall Florals

While florals for spring are a perennial trend, floral prints in fall are newer and more unexpected. Look for darker colors and thicker fabrics.

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