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July 30, 2015 by Melanie Sutrathada Shop Her Look: Melanie of LACB

Whenever I need styling tips on how to re-imagine classic pieces with stripes, gingham or plaid, I turn to Crossroads Style Council member Melanie Sutrathada. In fact, she’s such a pro at pairing black with white that she’s this week’s inspiration for Shop Her Look“.


Get Melanie’s classic black and white look with our Grid Print Maxi Dress, $32.50.

Or try another trend at the top of our list for fall trends: gingham. You can look forward to seeing this print in dresses, skirts and even outerwear! Mod Swing Dress in Gingham, $32.50.

For a black and white overcoat like Melanie’s above, go for our Sleeveless Trench in Check, $32.50. Sleeveless trench coats will be huge this season,  and we love them because they offer a fitted silhouette with tons of layering options.

Finally, I think Melanie would agree that we should all dress for summer as long as possible (before the return of the dreaded East Coast winter), and there’s no better way than to keep wearing sandals! Our Racer Stripe Slip-Ons, $32.50,  are made of butter soft leather and feature a modern cut.

If you haven’t already added Melanie’s Lace and Combat Boots to your weekly list of must-read fashion blogs, make sure you start tuning in stat, because this New Yorker has a knack for inspiring her readers in life, style and fashion.

July 28, 2015 by Melanie Sutrathada How to Style: Bandanas

Bandanas are making a comeback and we have a feeling you’ll be seeing them everywhere the rest of the summer. This affordable and versatile accessory is the perfect effortless accent for any outfit.


Here are some of our favorite ways fashion girls have been styling bandanas:

P1 - Sincerely Jules

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P3 - Style Du Monde P4 - Nette Nestea P5 - Fashion Me Now

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June 27. 2015 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: Gym Bag Essentials

Last month I shared some of my favorite trends in workout wear. This week I’m sharing my personal list of gym bag essentials.  My work weeks are busy and unpredictable, and I often do not know what type of workout I will be doing until I am finally able to leave the office for the night. I have become pretty well-versed in being prepared for any type of work out, and if you follow the round up below, you will be too!


Round Up_Gym


Workout Wear: It’s easy to forget to pack the essentials for your workout if you aren’t paying attention. Be sure to have your top, bottoms, bra, socks, and shoes always packed up and ready to go!

Workout-Specific Gear: Whether I am taking boxing or Pilates, I am always prepared and have my specifics packed. I keep a pair of Pilates/barre socks, weight-lifting gloves, and boxing gloves (admittedly stashed in my car to save room) packed at all times.

Water Bottle: Hydration is important throughout your entire day, but it is especially important to replenish your fluids during a hard gym session. A reusable, refillable water bottle will cut down on costs of buying one on the way to, or at the gym.

A healthy snack: If you aren’t always able to plan the time and place of your workout, keeping a small snack in your bag that does not need to be refrigerated will give you just the boost you need at the end of the day.

Makeup wipes: Nothing is worse than that day’s makeup running down your face and into your eyes, distracting you from your workout. You skin will thank you for wiping off that makeup before your workout and wiping it clean right after. I love Neutrogena’s Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

Towel: I keep a fresh towel in my gym bag to keep the sweat out of my eyes, keep my yoga mat dry, and to steer clear of the towel rental fee at the gym.

Hair ties and bobby pins: My hair already has a mind of it’s own, I don’t need it flying everywhere during my workout. Keep a stash of hair ties and bobby pins to control your mane during your workout.

Dry shampoo & Deodorant: In case you can’t make it home before running some errands after the gym, you’ll be able to freshen up before making a few stops.

Headphones and Flip Belt: Somedays I fly solo with a run, hike, or bike ride. The Flip Belt is my favorite way to carry my phone and keys during a run or a hike. I never have to adjust it!

A fresh dryer sheet & plastic bag: Protect your day clothes from becoming musty while they are packed away in a bag that typically stores gym shoes and clothes all day.


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July 24, 2015 by Samantha Weaver In a 70’s Denim Daze

Denim is back and we’re glad. Alexa Chung’s 2015 collaboration with AG jeans helped 70’s-inspired denim pieces find their way back into our closets in a big way. Inspired by the debut of Alexa’s newest AG collection, I pulled out our latest denim dress for a styling session.


denimAlthough we love Alexa’s denim dress for AG, it’s summer and it’s a scorcher! We’ve exchanged her long-sleeved and buttoned-up version for our Frayed Denim Jumper, $35Pick it up at a Crossroads location near you this weekend!

denim What’s so great about this denim piece is the layering options. Here I added a striped tee, pinstripe slides, a red crossbody bag and my favorite denim jacket.


denimFor a bohemian touch I chose a pair of gladiator sandals by House of Harlow, a black undershirt and my favorite Isabella Fiore purse.

denimGoing back to school? Try this buttoned-up look! Just add a chambray blouse, your boyfriend’s tie and a pair of chunky black sandals.


July 23, 2015 by Beth Jones Style Icon: Laura Bailey

This week’s style icon is one of my all time favorites: British It Girl, Laura Bailey. She is a model, writer and mom of two with a style that blends whimsy and mix-n-match. She’s girly with a preppy twist and never goes for the expected. Her hair is another signature part of her look, always long and tousled to perfection!

Take notes from this It Girl and play with plaids, platforms and long flowing hair.

Laura 3

Laura 4

Laura 5

Laura 6

Laura 7

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