Blog: Crossroads Style

October 26, 2021 Crossroads Trading Turns 30

Wow, and just like that Crossroads Trading turns 30 years old. Happy birthday to us! It’s hard to believe that it’s been three decades since we first opened our doors on Fillmore St. in San Francisco. Back then in 1991, we could only hope that customers across the country would fall in love with secondhand fashion and selling their clothes to us for cash or store credit. Luckily, the customers arrived, and many can even claim they’ve been shopping with us from the very beginning.

Crossroads was founded by Jerry Block and Chip Gerken, after their wives introduced them to each other. Jerry’s experience in resale fashion and Chip’s experience in traditional retail fashion allowed them to create a secondhand fashion experience that married the value and sustainability perks of resale with the curated shopping racks of traditional retail. Customers soon counted on the company’s in-store buyers to stock the racks with an inspiring mix of contemporary, vintage, and designer brands. To this day, the in-store buyers at Crossroads stores (led by the company’s first employee and current Chief Retail Officer, Melissa Laubstein) remain the heart and soul of Crossroads stores.

photo of Crossroads in 1991

You can now find Crossroads stores across the country, throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Chicago, and New York. With over 100 “Best of” awards across these regions, we couldn’t be any prouder to have served our customers in their search for fun, affordable, fashionable, and sustainable finds.

Some Fun Milestones for Us Along the Way

1996- Opened our first Pacific Northwest store in Capitol Hill.

1999- Opened our first Southern California store in Hollywood.

2005- Made our debut in Chicago with our Lincoln Park store.

2007 -Ran our first (and only) TV commercial.

2011- Opened our first New York store in Brooklyn.

2012- Opened our sister store and designer consignment boutique, Fillmore & 5th.

2016- Entered the Texas market with our Houston store.

Here’s to 30 more years! Most of all, thank you for being a part of the Crossroads community. There would be no celebrations today without YOU.