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December 28, 2021 2021 Fashion Trends We Loved – Part 1

It’s the last week of 2021 and we’re both reflecting on what the year brought us and ready to turn the page on NYE. Before we give 2021 a grand adieu though, let’s look back at some of the 2021 fashion trends we loved along the way.

Combat Boots

Despite what we all hoped, 2021 ended up requiring us to be as resilient as 2020 did. It’s no wonder then that combat boots kept their place in the front of our closets. If we had to be warriors for another year, we wanted to at least dress like one.

photo of combat boots

Over-the-Top Pieces

Along that same vein, we needed a little cheer, and for those of us who love fashion, there’s nothing like an over-the-top, shiny, sparkly statement piece to accomplish that. Many referred to it as joy dressing.

To the lucky person who picked up this showstopping jackpot bag from our store floor this year, we salute you.

photo of beaded jackpot bag


Maybe we were feeling a little nostalgic this year (we did turn 30!), and vintage pieces took us to another place and time. We shopped for oversized prints, fringe, suede, and big buckles. Even better, we bought loads of vintage items into our stores so you could enjoy them too.

photo of person in suede jacket


While it was time to return to the world and leave our sweatpants at home, we still weren’t quite ready to think about what to wear each morning. Utilitarian pieces were our solution.

photo of utilitarian pants


Once spring 2021 arrived, we were ready for some sun and socializing. Preppy pieces like tennis skirts and sweater vests were just what we needed.

photo of preppy outfit

In years to come when we look back on the year, 2021 fashion trends will leap out of our IG feeds and photo albums. We wore what made us feel great and gave us joy. We hope you did too!

We’ll be back Thursday with more of our favorite 2021 fashion trends.