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May 26, 2022 Getting Started with Fishnet Fashion

You may have seen fishnet fashion listed as a trend in our seasonal selling guide.

Some of our favorite pieces are fishnet dresses and tops worn over other pieces. But, we know the look can feel extra daring, so we encourage getting started with fishnet socks and tights first.

Fishnet socks and tights work with more shoes than you might think. Try them with loafers, boots, and sneakers.

Wear them with skirts, shorts, and underneath torn denim. They add a styling twist to looks that might otherwise seem expected or boring.

In fact, we had no trouble finding looks where the addition of fishnet socks or tights perfectly completed a look.

See for yourself:

photo of person in fishnet tights

photo of person in fishnet tights

photo of person in fishnet socks

photo of person in fishnet socks

photo of person in fishnet socks

photo of person in fishnet socks

photo of person in jean skirt with socks

photo of person in torn jeans

photo of person in black skirt

The best part about fishnet fashion pieces like socks and tights is that they’re an affordable way to dip your toes into a new trend. If you dare, try adding fishnet or netting into your next look, then check out the other 29 summer trends we have over here in our selling guide.

You should also know that we’re now buying for summer! So, collect those no-longer-loved pieces from your closet and step up to one of the selling counters of any of our store locations. You can earn cash or store credit to refresh your wardrobe with the summer trends that speak to you.

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May 24, 2022 Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Know

On the blog lately, we’ve been featuring Q&As with sustainable fashion influencers that stand out on Instagram and YouTube.

They’re excited about secondhand fashion and have created personal styles that are all their own. We love that.

Meet the first 6 sustainable fashion influencers we featured, then click through to read their full interviews.

Kerry of @kass_stylz

phpto of Kerry

From the interview: “For years I wanted to try secondhand fashion but was scared I wouldn’t find anything worthwhile. Other than the obvious reason of it being beneficial for the environment, I was drawn to secondhand fashion for saving money without compromising on quality. I also wanted to share this budget-friendly way of shopping with my audience, as I’m always reminding them they can slay (look stylish) on a budget without breaking the bank. Thrifting also allowed me to step up my styling game and try new trends to see if I like them before investing in them.”

Read the full Q&A with Kerry here.

Piera of @hipiera

photo of Piera

From the interview: “In a nutshell, I’d describe my overall fashion style as vintage eclectic meets art school teacher. My style depends on my mood and how I’m feeling each day. I’ll wear an all-black, simple chic outfit one day and rainbow vomit maximalism the next. The most important thing when I’m getting dressed is that I FEEL good, because sure you can look great in something, but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, who are you dressing for?”

Read the full Q&A with Piera here.

Barbara of @barbara.goes.wear

photo of Barbara

From the interview: “I’ve come to accept the fact that I don’t really have a particular style. I love going with the flow and changing it up depending on my mood, what shows I’m watching, and whatever is going on in my life. Sometimes I feel like putting together looks that are inspired by French street style, other times I wear outfits that look like they could be worn by a toddler, but there are also days when I just throw on a good old monochromatic look. I think it’s really fun to try out different styles and combinations until you find ones that make you feel the most YOU that day.”

Read the full Q&A with Barbara here.

Kaitlin @windycitythrifter

photo of Kaitlin

From the interview: “I first found Crossroads when I moved to Chicago in 2012. In fact, my first two Instagram posts were taken in a Crossroads dressing room! Hands down, my favorite Crossroads find was a cream button-down Free People dress that I found in June 2019, the month after my partner and I got engaged. I originally had plans to wear it for my wedding shower (which I eventually did in 2021). However, when we had to postpone our 2020 wedding and decided to elope, donning this dress made me feel so beautiful as I married my best friend!”

Read the full Q&A with Kaitlin here.

Jazmine @thatcurlytop

photo of Jazmine

From the interview: “Because I grew up in a low-income community, I had practices that were unintentionally sustainable, like thrifting and mending clothes, consuming less, and reusing containers. However, it wasn’t until I went to college to study Fashion Merchandising that I began to learn about the impact the fashion industry has on people and the planet. After a year of learning this, I switched out of my major and transformed my fashion blog into a sustainable fashion one where I document my journey in that space.”

Read the full Q&A with Jazmine here.

Sarah of @areasontogetdressed

photo of Sarah

From the interview: “I think the other part of my inspiration comes from street style. I loved Nylon Magazine growing up, and all the cool photos of girls on the streets. I love figuring out the fashion of a city, and I really love seeing how different people can make a look their own. Some cities are a delight for people-watching and getting inspired! Since COVID, though, I feel like street style is a little different. Especially during the lockdown two years ago, I found myself looking to Instagram as the “virtual” street, which is how I decided to start my own style page.”

Read the full Q&A with Sarah here.



May 19, 2022 Trending: Grecian Style Pieces

We (sadly) don’t have airplane tickets booked for Athens this summer, but we’ll still be dressing in pretty Grecian style. It’s a favorite warm-weather look, and one of the 30 trends we highlight in our seasonal selling guide.

The style is generally defined by a mix of lightweight fabrics, empire waists, and light colors. Think cotton and linen in white or wheat.

The silhouette is usually long, but the one true constant is a great pair of strappy sandals.

Add gold jewelry and a straw tote or hat to complete the look.

We have inspiration photos to show you examples. Here are some looks that get Grecian style just right.

photo of person in Grecian style

photo of person in Grecian style

photo of person in Grecian style

photo of person in Grecian style

photo of person in black dress

photo of person in white jumpsuit

Consider Grecian style for your upcoming warm-weather looks, then check out the other 29 summer trends over here in our selling guide.

If you haven’t heard, we’re also now buying for summer, so collect those pre-loved pieces from your closet and bring them to the selling counters of any of our store locations. You can earn cash or store credit to refresh your wardrobe for the new season. Take a look here to learn how it’s done.

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May 17, 2022 Look for a Butterfly Print This Season

Spring and summer just naturally call for a beautiful butterfly print. Especially in our seasonal fashion choices! We’ve been on the hunt for the print these last few months, and it’s one of the 30 trends we highlighted in our seasonal selling guide.

Butterfly prints are fun and friendly, but they’re a very rare find. It’s a little like a treasure hunt to find a piece of clothing that has it. So our advice: when you find a piece, you have to grab it!

Take a look at the inspiration photos below and see some of the lucky pieces these fashion influencers found.

person wearing a butterfly print

person wearing a butterfly print

person wearing a butterfly print

person wearing a dress

person in jeans with print

Have you been fortunate enough to find a butterfly print piece this season? If you share it on Instagram, please tag us @crossroadstrading so we can see it! We may feature your look on our brand feed.

Then check out our other 29 seasonal trends over here in our selling guide.

We’re also now buying for summer, so take those clothes from your big spring clean and bring them into any of our store locations. You might earn cash or store credit and find a butterfly print piece of your own!

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May 12, 2022 Sustainability Jobs in Fashion

Have you been hearing a lot about sustainability jobs in fashion? We’re seeing more interest and we’re thrilled. We love to hire fashion-passionate people committed to the environment!

The Buy-Sell-Trade Fashion Model

If you follow sustainable practices, you’re already aware that fast fashion can have serious impacts on the environment. Think increased landfill and significant harmful production waste. That’s where secondhand shopping and selling come in.

Crossroads is a buy-sell-trade fashion retailer with locations across the U.S. For over 30 years, it’s been showing fashion consumers the eco-friendly option of selling pre-loved clothes for cash or store credit. The retailer gives unwanted clothing a second chance with a new owner, and the seller can use their store credit to replenish their closet with “new” secondhand finds. It’s a fashion win-win.

photo of store interior with sustainability jobs in fashion

Working at Crossroads

Employees at Crossroads work as clothing buyers, merchandisers, and marketers. They get to work in fashion while promoting an environmentally-favorable shopping style.

photo of employee working in sustainability Jobs in Fashion

Crossroads has 34 store locations and is always looking to hire and train fashion buyers. If you’re interested, head over to our careers page to learn about our current openings for sustainability jobs in fashion.

And if store management is on your mind, watch our video below about the day in the life of a Crossroads Store Manager.

A sustainable job in fashion is on the horizon for you!

Follow Crossroads on Instagram @crossroadstrading.

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